Warhammer 40k BoltGun by Rsugar
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Added: 31/12/2008 - 08:41AM
Updated: 31/03/2009 - 06:22AM

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Last updated at 6:22, 31 Mar 2009 Uploaded at 8:41, 31 Dec 2008

NEWS UPDATE: Rsugar mods go open source.

I will no longer be working on this mod or any other mod for awhile. I have something very big in the works:

(FALLOUT 3: MECHWARRIOR) : (elemental power armor)

As such . I hereby declare all of my stuff open source. Anyone who wishes to improve upon them may do so and re-release them.

All I ask is that you credit me with the base models.


In the future, there is only war...
Now you can have your very own 40k Boltgun, soon to be followed by meltaguns, laspistols, lasguns, plasmacannons, bolt pistols, ork awesome burnas, ork shootas, eldar pansy lasers, tau loser cannons and anything else I feel like modelling.

It will be awhile before the next gun comes out.
There are also still a few problems with this one, namley the clip does not eject and the grip the player uses is incorrect (You'd burn your hand!)

Included are directions for adding your Boltgun and Standard Bolt Ammo to your inventory.

Thanks to ProsperXoXo (Citric_Acid) for his help, with which if I did not have, this would have never come to fruiton.


Fixed Animations, Adjusted Ammo usage and fire-rate

I need someone who can come up with a better texture
Contact me if you feel like it

UPDATE 2: Fixed damage properties to be more reminiscent of a real boltgun.

Update 3:

Made the gun longer, fixed the width, fixed normal errors on the mesh, fixed animations, updated projectile settings, as per request by the commentators.
Thank you for the input!

Update 3.1:

Discovered improper folder storage in the rar file, hence why some of you get a red error box.

Update 4 (Feb 21st, 6:44 PM US PACIFIC)
Fixed explosive force on bolter shells, Attempted to fix Shiny Texture but was unable, looking for alternative method than directly editing the texture. Expect a fix some time within the week.