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   As another of the many experiment to create super soldiers and then discarded by the Enclave scientists, these clones, named G.I. (genetic infantry), had to learn how to survive in the wasteland. Some joined the Talon company, others were hired by the caravan traders due their superior physical condition and combat skills. These G.I. were created to survive the hard conditions of the wasteland. They are inmune to poison, radiation and they have an small damage reduction bonus. You will find some of them fighting alongside the Talon company mercenaries against the super mutants in The National Mall, Seward Square, inside the Capitol and Takoma Park, patrolling inside and outside Fort Bannister and guarding Talon company's camps across the wasteland. You will also find some of them travelling with the caravan traders as security guards. 
  They dont replace Talon company mercs or caravan guards. They have been added as reinforcment to both groups. So I guess there is no incompatibility with any other mod related with Talon company or the caravans.
  This mod is inspired in an old but one of my favourite games named "Rogue trooper", that is inspired in the Comic with the same name. I made this mod for fun and to add a new experience to those who want to play FO3 again. Have fun.


  Fallout 3
  DLC The Pitt
  DLC Broken Steel
  ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated or FOMM (fallout mod manager)

   As usual, extract the .rar in your Fallout 3 data folder and check the .esp in your FOMM or in your Fallout 3 Launcher.   
   Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation or FOMM (or new textures wont work properly)

   This is the first time I add a new race to the game. So far the mod works as you can see in the screenshots. This race is not playable. If somebody experiments a bug and knows how to fix it, please, write me. I am very busy but I will fix it ASAP.


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