No NPC Greetings for Fallout 3 by n0sf3ratu
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Added: 02/06/2017 - 09:10PM
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"You lookin' at me?"
No, I'm not. Loser.

I'm honestly not sure why nobody thought to make this mod for Fallout 3, but here it is. Inspired by cipscis' No NPC Greetings mod for Skyrim, it edits the same Game Setting found in all Gamebryo and Creation Engine games, fAIMinGreetingDistance. Default is 150; this mod sets it to 0.

With this mod, you'll no longer be nagged at by every NPC in the game for the audacity of walking by and minding your own business. That's it. If you want to hear peoples' greeting dialogue or whatever, you've got to actually go up to them and hit talk; as it should be.

Really not much more to say about this; it's a very basic mod that does one thing. And it works, so enjoy.