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Vivid Fallout 3 ENB brings the DC Wasteland to vibrant life! Are you tired of ENBs for Fallout 3 that are either too dark or too light outside? Inside? During the day? The night? And what about when it rains! Tired of it being just as bright as daylight, and the horizon white as a sheet? And what about the washed out (or overly bright) colors?

Bethesda made Fallout 3 look bleak and washed out in green, and the glare from objects and in the sky is overdone to the point of annoyance.
Vivid Fallout 3 ENB fixes all of these problems, and then enhances the look and feel of Fallout 3.

I approached the color correction with the idea of adding a nice dose of realism to the game. What is this realism? While I go into more detail about true fallout after a nuclear war and what irradiated areas and material really looks like in the Installation Manual, here's a few shortened excerpts to get you started.

A World Devastated By Nuclear War and Fallout

In the alternate world of Fallout 3, its been two centuries since the bombs fell. So the air and water will be fairly clear. But the radioactive fallout will have mutated the animal and plant life, with the latter probably not reflecting light as it should. These are actual phenomena, which I tried to portray in Vivid Fallout 3 ENB.

Also, true radioactive material is not green.The colors (when visible) range from  cyan to violet. The green (or red) only shows up as a tinge, and then if at all. This is not reflected in Fallout 3 as Bethesda made it. Instead, Bethesda made everything green and glaring. I fixed this by removing the glare from everything, and then gave the right tints. This is most apparent at sunrise and sunset.

Moreover, if the world was destroyed in a M.A.D. scenario (Mutually Assured Destruction - everyone launches everything nuclear at each other, which was the plan during the Cold War), the atmosphere would be thinner because of the loss of water and plant life. Also, the radioactive particulates would circulate in the upper atmosphere for centuries. That means...

  • The skies would be a little paler than the usual 'sky blue' because there would no longer is as much atmosphere to hold the condensation from water. Conversely, the night sky would be pitch-black (less water in the atmosphere to tint the night sky). However, this would be offset by the agitation of the fallout in the atmosphere by sunlight and moonlight, which would cause the sky to have a sort of incandescent look to it, especially during the day.
  • The clouds wouldn't be white and fluffy. Instead, they would look a dirty gray, and gray-black during bad weather.
  • The rains, as well as fogs, would typically be radioactive to some degree. It would be rare indeed to have a non-radioactive rain or fog.
  • The lighting would be a little off because of the blocking of certain parts of the visible light spectrum due to particulates in the atmosphere. This would especially affect shadowing.
  • The horizon would have a little bit of a glow to it. Remember, there is radioactive particulate circulating in the atmosphere!

In short, the sky and lighting would not be "normal". Not so much that the skies would be chromatic and the landscape a kaleidoscope of colors (or tinted one particular shade), but nevertheless you'd be able to tell the difference. None of this is reflected in Fallout 3 as Bethesda made it.

Vivid Fallout 3 ENB captures these oddities and more, making Fallout 3 a new experience!


Vivid Fallout 3 has some very nice features to it. Here are some of them:

  • Night Vision - If you have MMM or a Night Vision mod, they work! (Coming soon)
  • Depth of Field - This really makes the horizon look great, and it offers just a touch of close-in blur to enhance the idea of strange lighting.
  • Lens - Too much Lens looks ridiculous. But if you allow just enough, it enhances atmospheric effects and makes things soooo much better.
  • Sun, Moon, Clouds – All of these are new. There are variants of the Sun Glare For The Pitt and Point Lookout as well, to better match the atmospheric conditions of those regions. (Coming soon)

But the most important feature is the use of three palettes. That's right: three. There is one palette for days, one for nights, and one for interiors. The day and night palettes are tinted amber and pale blue (respectively), to compensate for red-shift and blue-shift. The interior palette is neutral since it will be a mixture of natural and mostly artificial light, if there is any lighting at all. These are palettes of my own design.

And finally, there is a customized enbeffct.fx file, which blends the day and night palettes during sunrise and sunset for a really smoothe transition from day to night. You won't see that distracting 'pop' when sunset ends and night begins - the same is true for sunrise and day. There is also a
postprocess customization feature, as well.

More features will be added later on!


Vivid Fallout 3 was created with NO other mods installed. I used only the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch, and nothing else when tuning this ENB. Therefore, it should be compatible with everything. If you think you need to mod the heck of Fallout 3 to make it look good, guess again. Take a look at all of the pics that are currently in the gallery (click the Images tab at the top of this page). Not one mod was installed when I took those screen grabs. Who knew the default moon and clouds could look so good? Or that the grasses are colored differently?

But that's not to say you can't use mods. If anything, a good mod will make things that much better. A crap mod will slow down your game and throw your lighting and shaders off - sometimes waaaaay off.

Here are some mods I like to use, and I think they make Fallout 3 look GREAT with Vivid Fallout 3 ENB:

EVE (HIGHLY recommended)
Fallout Street Lights
Realistic Interior Lighting (I don't really use this because its not realistic to me. But it works)
NMC Texture Pack (HIGHLY recommended)
FO3 Flora Overhaul (HIGHLY recommended - I prefer the forested edition but the others are awesome, too)

Imperfection (HIGHLY recommended)

Martigen's Mutant Mod (HIGHLY recommended)
Fallout Wanderer Edition
A World of Pain
All of Puce Moose's Mods (HIGHLY recommended)
DC Interiors
RobCo Certified (HIGHLY recommended)

And practically everything else! Use what you want! It works!


While I intend to incorporate a weather system into Vivid Fallout 3 ENB at a later date, for now I have other things to tweak and tune. Until then, I recommend the following.

Enhanced and Dynamic Weather
Over at the STEP project for Fallout 3, which I highly recommend you peruse if you're not familiar with it, Kelmych has detailed how to combine the mods Enhanced Weather and Dynamic Weather to create a really awesome weather package. As a matter of fact, this is the same weather package I
am currently using. I would recommend that you visit the page and follow his instructions if you want a really good weather setup! Note: no need for the green tint remover. That has already been taken care of by Vivid Fallout 3 ENB.

Known Problems

Vivid Fallout 3 has one issue that I am aware of, and there is nothing that can be done to the ENB to fix it. Instead, Vivid Fallout 3 ENB brings the problem out (specifically, it is brought out by Detailed Shadows). Its what I call the 'Weird Beard' effect. Sometimes, depending upon the angle you use to look at your character or another NPC, you will see a glow at the hair seam for head hair and facial hair. You'll see a seam and discoloration around the eyes, too.

This is a problem that is unique to the Bethesda meshes and textures for the head in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. So please be aware: it has nothing to do with Vivid Fallout 3 ENB. In fact, from what I have been able to ascertain via talking with Boris (creator of ENB) and through simple experimentation, this bug will show up to some degree regardless of the ENB you install if you are using Bethesda's textures and meshes.

To fix this problem, you have two options.

  1. Turn off Detailed Shadows in ENB. If you go this route, Vivid Fallout 3 ENB will go from looking great to looking like crap with the click of your mouse. But it does fix the problem.
  2. Get replacement textures and meshes. There are some fantastic modders here on Nexus, and there are body and head replacers a-plenty available for download.

You can use whatever other mods you want. As for nude body mods, that's for you to figure out.


Everything you need to know about the minimum hardware requirements for Vivid Fallout 3 ENB is found in the Installation Manual.

Also note that you will need to download the ENB binary and .dll files (respectively, enbhost.exe and d3d9.dll) separately. The link to these files is located in the popup when you start the download for the ENB. It is also in the installation manual.

Finally, you will need to modify your enblocal.ini file prior to using Vivid Fallout 3 ENB by generating and placing values in the appropriate

Don't worry if all of this sounds daunting. I assure you it is not. Everything is clearly and simply explained in the Installation Manual, and once you have downloaded everything and read the Installation Manual (its not very long at all), it will take you less than 2 minutes to get up and running. So don't forget to grab it when you download the ENB!

One more thing. Don't complain to me directly or to me and others in the posts about how you installed Vivid Fallout 3 ENB and it broke your game, melted your face, and caused your neighbor's cat to have a miscarriage. Understand this: if that happens the problem isn't with the ENB. The problem is sitting in a chair in front of a monitor reading this. You did something wrong during installation and destroyed your Fallout 3. So, its off to re-installation you go. Sad, but true.


As this is the initial (and long overdue) release of this ENB, I have yet to add the following:

  • Night Vision
  • Customized sun, moon, clouds, and stars
  • Additional effects
  • Update the Installation Manual with better formatting, more information, and various screen grabs


Boris Vorontsov,for ENB.
Monster Monkey,for allowing me to tinker with D.C. Moods as I see fit. Without Monster Monkey's okay, Vivid Fallout 3 ENB just wouldn't be!
Scegielski, whose blurb about night vision resources over at the ENB Dev forums allowed me to include the night vision fix in ENB.
Veeblix, for letting me sample Human Temporal Glare - Sunsprites and Shaders.
Pafaffendrill, for letting me modify and use that awesome sunsprite.
Gamwich, for letting me sample his Ethereal Clouds mod.
Bethesda, because you folks made Fallout 3! But not so much that you made it so darned green. :)

Software Used

3DS Max
Alien Skin

A bottle of Angry Orchard Straw Man, two Cinnful Apple Ciders, and a bag of pistachios.