Galaxy News Radio Cleaned Up by LordGermanicus666
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Added: 25/12/2012 - 06:09AM
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Last updated at 0:51, 2 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 6:09, 25 Dec 2012

This mod cleans up the Galaxy News Radio building in a lore-friendly way and adds a few small things here and there with out going overboard. I left some of the rubble piles in the rooms that aren't used and only cleaned up where Three Dog(studio) is a little bit. I always found it odd that all of the BOS outposts and the Pentagon for that matter were so damn messy and having rubble EVERYWHERE. You'd think they'd clean up just a LITTLE bit, but no. So that's what this does.
A cleaned up GNR Outpost while remaining lore-friendly
A My first infirmary, My first laboratory and a player owned bed in the "infirmary"
A workbench
A unique set of Power Armor and a set of Lyons' Pride Power armor
A small number of guns
Two Laser Turrets at the front door.
Version 2:
Fixes minor oversights
Renames "My bed in the "infirmary" to "Infirmary Bed"
And Margaret the Technician

Do what thou wilt. Just don't upload to any other site and/or if you change something and re-upload or use this in another mod, just give Me credit and ask.

Bethesda for making the game,
Brian Fargo and all them crazy people at Interplay Entertainment(pre-Titus take over) the late Black Isle Studios. For if not for you, We wouldn't even have Fallout.
And of course, Me.