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Added: 22/11/2012 - 04:23PM
Updated: 01/12/2012 - 07:16PM

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Enhanced Pistols V. 1.1

New in Version 1.1
Golden Versions of the 3 pistols. I tried doing them another way and liked what I got. So I decided to share!


This mod Retextures the 32, 10mm and 44 magnum pistols. I did them in the gimp. They are of a higher quality and resolution, which (In my opinion :) ) look better than the ones of the base game. I didnt do the Mauser, simply because there is already a great looking mod of that one out on the Nexus.
Also retextures the silencer used by the 10mm Pistol as well, to a more carbon fiber kind of thing.
What it does:

Overrides the base game textures for the 3 weapons mentioned above, as well as the silencer on the 10mm pistol



It will conflict with any other replacers of the 3 pistols. I have been playing with them on FWE and everything seemed ok. I have not tried them with WMK. I would think that base game weapons would ok, but when you mod them with a kit, the texture will probably go back to the base game one.


Install the actual file using your perfered method. Then, look in your fallout3/data/textures folder to make sure you see a folder titled, EnhancedPistols. It should be in that directory, if not, simply drag the folder into Fallout3/Data/Textures

An endorsement would be appreciated if you would like me to do more weapons like this.