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Note on Ratings:
Since this page will have multiple mods, I've disabled ratings since it doesn't make sense. If you like one of the mods here, just click here.

This is the central page I will be using for most of my mods. Many will be interdependent, so it's best to have all the download links together, rather than sending you all over F3Nexus to find them.

Current Load Order for Released Mods - follow this!

Link to Fallout Script Extender [FOSE] - required for some mods below.

Currently available mods:

QZ Keys - latest version: 1.0.0
Requires FOSE
This mod is required by my other mods that add new hotkeys.
Go here to learn the easy way to add hotkeys to your own mods.

The following mods have NOT been updated for Patch 1.1:

QZ Night Vision - latest version: BETA
Requires FOSE
Requires QZ Keys
Enables Night Vision for Power Armor helmets (and some others) that can be toggled on and off with the N key. Also works as a resource so that Night Vision can be enabled for new items from other mods as well

QZ Traits - latest version: 2.0.0
Requires FOSE
Adds Traits, like in the original games. Updated with new Menu based selection system, and minor compatibility fixes.

QZ Perks Redux - latest version: 1.0.0
Rebalances the existing perks in F3. Recommended to be used with QZ Perks Pack 1

QZ Perks Pack 1 - latest version: 1.0.0
Adds 12 new perks to the game: MacGuyver, Smooth Talker, Tunnel Rat, Outdoorsman, Pack Rat, Dodger, Fire Walker, More Criticals, Glow in the Dark, Set Phasers to Burninate, Blademaster, Radioactive Man(/Girl), and Prizefighter.
See this thread for details!

QZ No VATS Radial Blur - latest version: 1.0.0
Gets rid of the Radial Blur effect in VATS playback. Because it was annoying after the 1000th time.

In Development:

QZ Game Effects - continual development
Resource with new Game Effects for use with perks, actor effects, object effects, etc.

QZ Reputation Perks - 70%
Reputation Perks can be earned by doing actions within the game, rather than at level up. Some existing perks have been made into Reputation Perks, mostly when they were otherwise useless (such as Lead Belly, Infiltrator, etc).

QZ Bleed Out - 85%
Think of this is Real Injuries Lite. When you get low on health, you start bleeding out. At that point, stim packs will only stop the bleeding for a short time. To stop the bleeding, you'll have to either administer a blood pack, or use a Trauma Kit. Additionally, stimpacks no longer heal crippled body parts -- you must use Trauma Kits for that, or visit a doctor. Trauma Kits will be available for sale, and can also be crafted. Also added are Super Stimpacks, which heal a lot more, but cause some bleeding over time.

Terms of Use:
Unless otherwise stated in the readme file for each mod, DO NOT modify or redistribute these files. Some of the mods can be used as resources for your own mods, but if you do this, tell them to download those mods from here. DO NOT include them with your own mods.