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Added: 10/07/2012 - 05:34PM
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Too many visual mods to keep track of?
There are many great mods for making visual enhancements to your game and give that cinematic feeling during play, or give the right mood for that perfect screenshot. But with so many of them, it can be time consuming and messy to set them up for the many different situations you come across while playing.

That is where this mod comes in. It takes control of three mods (DYNAVISION, IMAGINATOR and CINEMATECH) and gives them a user friendly HUD menu.

What does it do exactly?
Adds an in game HUD menu that lets you alter you visual settings live so you can see them in game, and quickly find the look you want.

DYNAVISION - Dynamic Lens Effect
The IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device
CINEMATECH - Film Grains and Styles
Fallout3 Script Extender (FOSE)

*When I say required, I really do mean required. You need to install all those mods to get this one working. You can disable them once in game, but they must be present in the load order.

You probably also need UIO - User Interface Organizer to get it all working. It is possible to do it manually but I do not support it and you are on your own if you insist on doing it that way :)

Big thanks to MGE for making the main graphic splash for this mod. And thanks to him and Marcurios for making many of the mods controlled by this one.