Rivet City Merchants by DonLemonade
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Added: 05/09/2011 - 06:14PM
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Last updated at 1:17, 7 Sep 2011 Uploaded at 18:14, 5 Sep 2011

Description: This mod adds a few new merchants to the Rivet City Hangar. Rivet City is supposed to be the biggest in the DC wasteland, yet when you get there, the market is pretty sparse. This mod adds a meat hawker, a pawn broker, and if you've installed the Point Lookout version, a seller of exotic wares from the swamps of Point Lookout. I've also included a vending terminal that sells some pre-war foods. Note: the vending terminal requires pre-war money, and will not accept Caps.


~I used existing voice and lipsync assets so these merchants should be immersive.

~The merchants sell lore-friendly items in accordance with their purview. The meat hawker sells meats that hunters roam the Wasteland collecting. The pawn broker has a wide variety of things that people would be inclined to sell. The Point Lookout merchant sells things that can be easily imported from the area.

~I spent a lot of time tweaking the new merchants' idle behaviour, so hopefully they do what they are supposed to do.

~I had to alter the navemesh in the Rivet City Hangar cell, but I did not observe any disturbances to the routines of the vanilla characters who use this area.

~The vending terminal ONLY ACCEPTS PRE-WAR MONEY. If it eats your pre-war money, I am not responsible. Call Mama Dolce Co.

Requirements: This mod has two versions: one with no requirements (except Fallout 3), and another that requires Point Lookout.

Compatibility: The mod is fully compatible with FWE as demonstrated in testing. It shouldn't conflict with any other mod, unless it uses the three vacant stalls in the Rivet City Hangar cell, or alters the wasteland scavenger or hunter scripts.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that this mod conflicts with farbentier's Sunglasses Collection. Both mods use the same stall in the Rivet City Market. If you use Sunglasses Collection, this mod may not be for you. However, you are free to choose.

Install: Copy the desired .esp to your Fallout 3 Data Folder. Check the appropriate box in FOMM or Data Manager.

Uninstall: Delete the installed esp.

Credits: Do whatever you want with this mod. If you use any of my merchants in one of your mods, just let people know where the material came from.

Thanks: Bethesda, Fo3 Nexus Community, and sacrilicious waffles.