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Added: 07/11/2008 - 02:52PM
Updated: 12/11/2008 - 09:28PM

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Last updated at 21:28, 12 Nov 2008 Uploaded at 14:52, 7 Nov 2008

changelog v. 0.30
balance changes, could be considered "harder"

changelog v. 0.22
halved the effect of crouching on accuracy to bring it back in line with my other changes (no longer more effective than >10 skill points)
reintroduced random chance factor (1-4% depending on weapon precision)

changelog v. 0.21
increased (somewhat) accuracy of automatic weapons
fixed uninstallation file
further increased weapon skill effect on long range accuracy

VATS Manual Chance Evaluation is a slight revision of the standard VATS accuracy formula which will put a much greater emphasis on your weapon skill and the base accuracy of your chosen weapon rather than simply the distance to your target.
As a small bonus it will lower the VATS zoom factor and remove the nonsensical wear VATS used to apply to your weapon.

This will, as a side effect, also slightly increase the influence of skill on your real time accuracy, as it is used in the VATS calculations. So don`t use this mod with one that completely eliminates real time weapon spread.

I have only tested this mod on a single character build so more usage data is welcome. Scientific or simply how the mod feels ;-)
However please do not report imbalance of unique weapons as fixing those lies not within the scope of this mod.

vmce uninstall.esp will return the changed GMSTs to their vanilla values.