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Added: 16/03/2011 - 08:07AM
Updated: 27/12/2014 - 11:53PM

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Last updated at 23:53, 27 Dec 2014 Uploaded at 8:07, 16 Mar 2011

Removed the scripted installer to make it more compatible with Mod Organizer (and also to help with people having issues with NMM). There are now two versions: One for the unmodded (Vanilla) interface and MTUI, and another for the Darnified UI.


I recommend using iHUD with this mod to give even more control over your HUD.

The aim of this mod is to let you set up your HUD as you like it. Don't like the compass where it is? No problem. Just move it. Too many brackets? Get rid of some. And that is pretty much it.

Once the mod is installed you will initially notice no difference. To start adjusting the HUD press the F6 key until a menu appears. You can change this key if you wish.
Full instructions can be found in game but basically use the numpad arrow keys to move the item, numpad 5 to reset, and any other key to save. Laptop users can use normal arrows and 'r' key. Some elements can be shown/hidden by selecting the appropriate menu option.

Download the right file with a mod manager and activate. Click YES TO ALL when asked to over write.

For manual installation just download and copy the files into the data folder and again click YES TO ALL when asked to over write.

PLEASE install this AFTER your UI mod. eg. after Darnfied UI. But install it BEFORE installing Immersive HUD (iHUD) or any other HUD altering mod!

This mod NEEDS FOSE!

Planned improvements
If this mod proves to be popular I plan on adding to the list of elements that can be adjusted. Potential elements include:
1. Radiation Meter
2. Sneak Meter
3. Target info
4. Messages

Supported User Interfaces (UI)
1. Vanilla (The normal UI that comes with the game)
2. Darnified a11 + Hotfix
3. Revelation

Compatible with
 iHUD (Version 2.0 or later) - PLEASE INSTALL aHUD FIRST!