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This is now a modders resource file.

Update: replaced a Corrupted file. Kitty B.

It's design is that you use it to merge int o all files except the DLC masters. Do not do that.
the read me contains small instructions and it's straight forward.

massive reduction of in game cell contents loading that need not be loading, reduced ram usage too.
no change log. no editing of the data or it will break your game.
4 years researched so no need to dispute it's functions.

any complaints? I will have it removed. I doubt there will be, you will be have too much UN-interrupted game play if done correctly anyway.
Purr4me IS the established Up loader so any questions, ask her. Or use the information provided for contact in the read me file contained in the mod. Fallout Remastered is still on hold. Problems with lighting with other mods, when used in tandem with the following mods.

Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow.esm
Author: Skingrad24 aka Ghiro Volante

Dynamic Weather by Xepha
and fellout.
Thank you to all that enjoyed my Work. Thank you to all that helped develop the mod as well.

Kitty Black
EDITED: This is the most Logical place I can post this information as it is assigned to this code.
I was given the task to make this happen and have started to overhaul the data to show what you are about to see, while in game during testing phases. This data, the visual data has no impact on the objects in question. Just a visual tool of what the data looks like in Real Time. When I ma finished with the tool, I will upload it here in this spot as this was the Origination point for it.
Thanks for viewing.
Deleted Tool data, no one needs it, the Original intent is now gone.

And More yet to come.