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the Regulators
Missions for the Lawbringer Perk

by WillieSea
version 1.3 - 05/05/2013

- Fallout 3

Please read it before asking questions...

Having joined the Regulators after getting the Lawbringer perk, you notice a computer in the downstairs room. From it, you accept contracts on fugitives and their gangs all over the wasteland. Its time for some wasteland justice!

The 'Regulators HQ' is part of the original game and can be found NE of Megaton, West of the Weaton Armory.

- There are 47 new missions at locations all over the wasteland.
- The missions are to take out a fugitive and his gang of outlaws.
- The missions start out easy but they soon become very difficult. You will have to use everything at your disposal to win!
- Each contract completed rewards you in Karma and caps.
- Complete all 47 missions without cancelling any of them and be rewarded with the 'Regulators Speciality' perk.
-- The Perk gives you +10% damage resistance, +10% critical hit chance and +20% chameleon when you are sneaking.
- Two special weapons which you must search for in the Regulator HQ if you want them.
-- Sawed off shotgun which has better accuracy and damage
-- Silenced 10mm Submachine Gun for the silent kills. Has a slower rate of fire but does more damage.
- Purchase Heavy Regulators to patrol the compound and Gun Emplacements to protect your HQ.

Known Issues and Caution
1) Created and Tested with game patch v1.7 installed.
2) There is a limit to the number of AI that can be active at one time. Remember this when you are purchasing protective Heavy Regulators and Turrets.
3) CEI - Broken Satelite Facility so I turned the door a bit so you can access either one.
4) Fook 2 - Reported that the interior cannot be gotten into. Reported solution was a mod that added a floating door. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=9299

1. Download the 7z file.

2. Unpack the 7z file and copy all the files and folders "as is" to your game folder \Fallout3\Data\*

3. Activate the mod from the 'Data Files' list on your start menu. You must have your game patched to v1.7

4. Play the game. See 'Starting the Mod' below.

*NOTE* If the textures are purple on objects in the game or have random texture on them:
a) Make sure you have some form of Archive Invalidation installed. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944
b) And that you placed the textures in the proper folder as defined above.

*NOTE* If you see a yellow diamond then you did not install the meshes to the correct folder path.

Starting the Mod
After you get the Lawbringer perk, visit the Regulator HQ and access the terminal.

WillieSea - Entire mod except resources noted below.
Resources by:
WillieSea - Clock resources and script
Ez0n3 - fixed sky dome

And most importantly to:
Bethesda for the game and construction set.

Play Testers
* WillieSea
* kalixx1

Legal and Permissions
- You can re-use any of the scripts or ideas from this mod, as long as you give credit where it is due.
- You may convert it to another language, but you must keep the original English readme file intact and point to the download site on Fallout 3 Nexus.

Version History
Version 1.3 - 05/05/2013
1. Cleaned dirty edits.
2. Added healing supplies to first aid kit on mission completion.
3. Ammo reward now gets a random number of ammo added to it.
4. Removed edits to tied up slaves to they once more appear in the wasteland.

version 1.1 - 01/22/2011 Changed caps reward lists, lessened caps on bosses, new house for Cul-de-sac house, adjusted door on satellite facility
Version 1.0 - 01/17/2011 Initial Release