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IPip Player
by Rekicker

This package adds a new radio station to your PipBoy3000. This station, IPip Player, plays the music you provide instead of music other people provide for you.

To get your personal MP3s to play in Fallout, follow these simple directions:

1) Drop the Data folder from this mod into your Fallout 3 folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3). It will ask you if you want to replace the folder but just choose "Yes" as this mod will not overwrite any existing files.

2) Replace the placeholder MP3s in the folder "Data\Sound\Voice\IPip" with your MP3s. Remember, you MUST name your MP3s track01.mp3 to track20.mp3 or this will not work. This version of IPip supports 20 MP3s. (NOTE: If you have extensions turned off in Windows, then name the tracks "track01" to "track20" - DO NOT put ".mp3" in the filename, it is an extension.)

3) When you load up Fallout 3, make sure IPip.ESP is checked for loading. The radio station will show up in game and you can start listening to your very own music now.

4) To uninstall, just delete the folder and the esp. Simple.


These factors are due to technical limitations with the game engine and are not the fault of your IPip Player. Besides, your PipBoy3000 is way out of warranty so there is no technical support available for the IPip Player.

The bigger your MP3 filesize is, the longer it will take to load. Huge filesizes mean lots of dead air. Music compilations, epic tracks, and DJ battle MP3s are not recommended.

The bigger your MP3 filesize it, the more strain the station will cause on gameplay. Huge filesizes may mean stuttering and sputtering and, on older systems, it may make the game unplayable. Again, music compilations, epic tracks, and DJ battle MP3s are definitely not recommended.

Alt-Tabbing may cause the music to stutter for a bit. Testing on an older computer that was definitely below specs, the stuttering lasted up to a minute! However, if you wait it out and don't panic, the music will clear up. I'm serious about this one: DO NOT PANIC. Alt-tabbing back out, trying to reload your game, or bashing your face into your keyboard will not help the situation. Just ride it out, friend.

Epic battles with many opponents may cause the music to stutter and gameplay to suffer depending on your system. If this is the case for you, it is recommended that you turn off your IPip Player for any large battles.


Please comment on this mod so I can read your valued opinion of my work.
Modders: feel free to use my work in your creations - no contact necessary.
Send any questions, comments, or snide remarks to me via the messaging system on Fallout3Nexus.com - my name is, of course, Rekicker.