Alpha-C-ev Underwater Home by iwhbyd11 or Pri2m
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Last updated at 1:10, 2 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 9:16, 23 Oct 2010

Information: VERSION V4.1.1


Type: House Mod/ Player Home
-3 new color options (red,and normal (warm and neutral)
-minier bar (replaces old)
-megaton bobblehead enhance (you will need to replace bobblehead for it to work!!!)

V4 (Release)
-updated furniture
-food vault
-better bedroom

This mod requires a good graphics card and processor to run good!!!!

It is best played on the lowest possible brightness..which is what the screenshots show...

Please tell me if there are any problems with V4.1.1....it was uploaded in a rush...:)

In the year 2147, a scientist named Evang Vermonto, and a group of dedicated engineers, planned on building the "perfect" society underneath the steel and grim of Rivet City. The underground "city" was known as: Alpha.Custom.Eva Vermontanio (Alpha.c.ev). After 5 1/2 years of building, the process was stopped after a virus in the system shut down everything. The team was forced to leave towards the western part of the United States and built a settlement in the New Vegas territory. After 100 years, Alpha.c.ev was found by a small boy who goes by the name of James.

Location: RIVET city upper deck

if you still can't find it, type in "coc alphacev" in console (but then turn around and go back up the elevator, unlock the door (going to console and clicking on the door and type in "unlock") , and then grab the key on the shelf and you may proceed with touring Alpha-c-ev!
Special Thanks to:

Bethesda- Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion- are the best games ever made!

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