Falling Damage Mod by Azar
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Added: 06/11/2008 - 11:09PM
Updated: 06/11/2008 - 11:23PM

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Fall Damage Mod v1.01 for Fallout 3
by Azar


This mod adds more realistic fall damage to the game. I've included pictures for visual reference. The damage taken in these pictures were from WALKING off the ledge. You take more falling damage if you run. In the first picture (Fall Damage 1), you would have taken NO falling damage in the unmodified game, walking or running!!

I've found that the same amount of damage is taken for all difficulty levels. Please leave me a comment if you think it needs tweaking, but I think the current setting works well.


Add the .esp file to your fallout3/data directory.

Edit your plugins.txt file (found in root->users->youruser->appdata->local->fallout3 in vista.
(the appdata folder is hidden)

To the plugins.txt add the text "FallDamage101.esp" right under where it says "fallout3.esm"


Remove "FallDamage101.esp" from your fallout3/data directory.
Remove the "FallDamage101.esp" line from your plugins.txt