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Added: 13/12/2008 - 12:15AM
Updated: 20/12/2008 - 07:34PM

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Description: Ever wanted a better way to place things? I did. I had not much containers to place various goods in Megaton and the sorts so I made a small quick home. Adds 8 containers, Nuka-Cola Vending Machine, Workbench, Infirmary, Wonder Mole Rat converter thing ( I dont remember name but I had fun using it ), a Bed and a Lab. ( Sorta ).

Location: Springvale, near the Gas Station. Or so it looks like one to me anyways. Has a broken car in front. May require ya to look around a bit as it sorta blends in.

Place in "/Fallout 3/Data/" folder.
Enable it through Fallout Launcher or FOMM.

Compatibility: Should be compadidle with all mods as all containers ( aside vending machine, Workbench, and their scripts ) have unique IDs.

-Version History-
Initial Release.
Small update: resized interior door to fit frame.
Added NavMesh for Followers and Companions.
Fixed Pristine Vending Machine.

Better Location Area: Check the Location.jpg in the Archive. ( did this so others can sorta find it :D )

NOTE: This is a personal mod. I have uploaded it here for those intrested in such a mod. This may or may not be "lore-friendly". Do not download if you are not intrested and do not give negative ratings based on Lore-Friendly etc. Ratings are based on the work put into it, if it does what it says and how well it is presented. Also I may or may not update this as needed. I dont think I do unless I add new things. Thanks.

Compatibility: Not compatible with Darthdoots expansion to my mod. ( same IDs )