Ambient Temperature by Imp of the Perverse
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Added: 05/07/2010 - 07:04PM
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Last updated at 8:28, 24 Aug 2010 Uploaded at 19:04, 5 Jul 2010

This mod creates an ambient air temperature global based on month, time of day, location, and some randomness. An optional .esp will display that temperature on your HUD in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The .esm that adds the temperature global does not require FOSE, but will not display the temperature, and is meant purely as a resource for other mods. If you are using FOSE, you can also use the optional .esp file to display the current air temperature on your HUD, adding to immersion.

Temperatures are based on DC area weather statistics pulled from weather.com.

Apart from some added immersion, this mod can be used to enhance any mod where temperature might come into play. Just add the .esm to your load order, include it as a master for your mod (similar to using CRAFT or CALIBR), then use the AmbientTemperature global in your scripts (read only please).

Some ideas:

In a basic needs mod, rate of dehydration could be increased on hot days.

In a weapons overhaul, higher temperatures mean less dense air, leading to better range and higher damage (though I'm not sure how you would implement that).

In my Powered Power Armor mod, ambient temperature will effect the heating and cooling effects of power armor.

In a weather mod, it could be used to determine whether it rains or snows.

There are a couple of visual effects that I'd love to add - heat haze above the ground, and frosty breath on cold days (though apparently it's based on humidity as much as temperature, so I'll maybe need to throw that in as well.)

I'm considering making a mod that adjusts NPCs apparel to reflect the weather - Raiders would wear Iconoclast or Raider Combat Armor when its cold, etc. I'd try to beg, borrow, steal, or maybe even create Tenpenny, Talon Company, and Ranger reskins of the winterized combat armor. Other NPCs, the ones in Merc outfits, would stick to Charmer and Troublemaker armors when its cold, and grunt outfits when its hot.


In the future, this section will list any mods that make use of Ambient Temperature. For now, these are just mods that I'm planning to integrate this into via an optional compatibility patch.

Powered Power Armor
Effects upper and lower power armor servo temperatures.

Imp's More Complex Needs
Effects the rate of dehydration.