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First and foremost, I want to note this is a modders' resource ONLY. It makes NO changes whatsoever to any cells, or vanilla game NPCs. If you simply download and activate this mod, you will see NO differences in your game. At all.

Comments and PMs lamenting this fact will be ignored. I have no interest in competing with any of the various beauty mods/FO3 NPC re-envisionings out there.

I'm also flatly ignoring anyone who starts whining about the lack of "lore" with this mod. Go prattle in the direction of someone who cares. I'm in this for fun, not for some arbitrary rules you've applied to a world that's totally make-believe in the first place.

That out of the way...


We here at the NosCo Companion Division are proud to give you our latest project, the cosmetic resource. It is not hubris that makes us name it such... merely the fact that it doesn't fit a particular theme, and 'spiffy glow-y eyes package' was a bit too vague.

This resource contains the ground work needed to make use of twelve special eye meshes, and half again as many eye textures. The new eye meshes glow, and are available in blue, gold, green, red, and white; in both "human" (round pupil) and "demon" (vertical slit or 'cat-eye' pupil). As well, there are two that we have dubbed the 'inverted' eyes; eyes which are solid black, with a glowing spot where the pupil would normally be. The inverted eyes come in red and white.

Also, it contains my modifications to Ren's hairs; as ported to FO3 by Yoshikinakota. These changes are minor, and consist only of altering the alphas of the meshes to prevent eyewear clipping. The hairs are included mainly as an avenue for companion and NPC makers in general to be lazy, and not have to alter the meshes themselves, or add the hairs to their plugins over and over again.

There is a demonstration race set up for each of the eye types. Each race is set up to use ONLY the appropriate eye textures, and will not use any vanilla eyes. 'Demon' races have fangs in their upper teeth.

Using vanilla eye textures with these eye meshes is NOT recommended, as the glow map will not line up with the eye, and it will glow off center and just generally look poor all around.

Each race has two NPCs made up as a demonstration - one of each gender. These NPCs are fully inventoried, however they do NOT have dialog, packages, or factions set up.

*Racial Specifics:

No vanilla races are modified.

The custom races are set up in a fairly straight-forward manner. They're currently set to use the default FO3 bodies - whatever those may be in your install - and will thus function fine with any game-wide body replacer you may fancy.

All custom races are set up to be able to use all vanilla hair styles.

Aside from the eyes, they are unchanged - save for the various demon races who - as mentioned, have their eye teeth replaced with fangs.

For the record: calling them demons was a whim on my part, having to do with the original purpose I made up the glowing eyes and textures for. They can just as easily be vampires or succubi or mutants or gynoids or whatever your little heart desires.

All custom races are edited from the Caucasian race. This is done for two reasons: 1) I'm lazy. 2) I find the Caucasian race the easiest to make hot in the FO3 engine. It's the simplest for me to get rid of the skin splotches and Picasso inspired noses and such.

Similarly, the demo companions are made to my own standards of attractiveness, warped though they may be.

*For Player Characters:

All races are flagged as playable. As well, each race's demonstration NPCs are set to be facegen presets; which will allow you to quickly set your player character up as one of the new races.

You're responsible for dealing with custom race problems with the main quest. I offer no support in this regard.

Because of severe limitations in the Fallout 3 race/face menu, I had to abbreviate the names of the races and hairs.

Races are prefixed with 'Glw' to denote glowing eyes. After that comes the color, then the race.

For example: Glw Red Dem Eye would be Glowing, Red, Demon (slit pupil).

Glw Bl Human Eye would be Glowing, Blue, Human (round pupil).

And so on. I could come up with proper names for the races, doubtless; but I'm not out to write a story here, so I stuck to technical details. If you want to create a plugin that changes the names, gives suitable backstories and what-have-you, knock yerself out.

Hairs are all prefixed NR, or Nos' Ren. Yeah, I know the numbers don't come down the list in order. Take it up with the game engine.

Hairs all use custom mesh and texture paths, as well as unique ObjectIDs. They will NOT conflict with Project Beauty, Ling's Pretty Things, or the original Hair Pack.

*Known bugs/conflicts:

None. As stated, the resource itself modifies NO vanilla game content. It should thus be completely innocuous.


Extract the archive into your Fallout 3\Data directory. Meshes and textures should go into Meshes\Characters\Nos' Companions and Textures\Characters\Nos' Companions respectively. If you already have my companions pack, the hairs and several of the eye textures will ask to overwrite. Accept and allow the overwrite for best results.

Remove and reapply archiveinvalidation just to be safe.


Be aware that as this is a master file, once removed you will lose the ability to run any mod which uses it.

To remove, delete Meshes\Characters\Nos' Companions and Textures\Characters\Nos' Companions from your Fallout 3\Data directory. Delete also Nos' Cosmetic Resource.esm

Also be aware: deleting the hair files and eye textures will cause problems if you also run my companions pack. Re-extracting that archive will, of course, replace the now-missing files and should solve any problems.


The pieces of this that were not created by me are redistributable, per posted information by their respective authors. If you are one of said authors, and have changed your mind, or I misread, and you'd like your resources un-shared, please contact me at the link provided below and I'll oblige.

Hair meshes and textures are created by Ren, ported into Fallout 3 by Yoshikinakota.

The original glowing eye mesh that I used as a base to create all of mine was created and graciously uploaded by KikaiMegami.

The fang teeth were ported into Fallout 3 by Kaw, uploaded by Foxey, and originally created by Alienslof/Divine Avenger. (wow, that one's a mouthful)

Again, as far as I know, these authors have issued blanket statements allowing the reuse of the resources, but things do change.

As far as my own eye meshes and textures go: rip them, modify them, reupload them as part of your own NPC/Companion mod, I don't care. Credit would be nice, but this is the internet and you're going to do what you're going to do, so I don't worry about it.


To Yoshikinakota for porting the hairs.

To KikaiMegami for the eyes resource; it saved me the trouble of converting the vanilla eye meshes myself.

To Kaw, for the fangs.

To Herculine for the compliments, and eventually convincing me this mess was worth finishing up, and uploading for you all.