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Added: 20/03/2010 - 02:52PM
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==========WAAAGH! DA ORKZ!==========


This mod replaces all Supermutans(except Behemoths) in Fallout with Orks from
the Warhammer 40k universe.


-Their is a alternative version for MMM. Kudos for DarkWolf V

-Requires Broken Steel
-This mod is not compatible with other mods that also change the supermutants
-at the their are about 32 different looking/armored ork types.

==========Models(these meshes are combined via creature editor(geck))==========

-3 base armors + 3 light armors + 3 medium 3 heavy + 3 boss armors
-4 Heads + mouth/nose/earring + cigar + hair + 3 metal jaw + mask
-3 Helmets + 3 metal jaw + 4 horns + 2 masks
-6 Banners
-grenades fixed to the belt
-skulls fixed to the belt


Version 1.5:

-ork choppas
-ork shoota
-ork double shoota(custom made by DarkWolf V)
-ork stick bombers, may work
-supermutant behemoths should have giant choppas
-should fix problems with incompatibility between this and the Warhammer 40k Conversion
-Full version

Version 1.2:

-added 2 masks
-added new head

Version 1.1:

-fixid VATS for hair
-redone hair model and texture
-new banner
-3 new metaljaw pieces

Version 1.0:

-started again with version 1.0(stuff from previous versions can be deleted)
-Dismemberments/Vats is now working
-reworked all textures

==========Coming next(maybe)==========

-changing blood from red to green
-edit animations(fixing clipping issues)


-If you want to support this mod please report bugs or add some screenshot
with ork encounters

==========known issues==========

-unit names do not fit to all orks
-clipping errors, with some weapons types
-VATS/Dismemberment is not working correct for the hair model


-Thanks to cerberos008 space marine mod(some orks use parts of his space
marine armor)


If you want to use these models for your own fallout 3 mods just send me a
notification and a link when you release it