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M14 EBR vs.0.9
by Khugan

This mod adds several versions of the M14 EBR to FallOut 3. The meshes and textures were made by me with the exception of those mentioned in the credits. The rifles use 7.62x51 ammunition and requires the use of CALIBR. There are different version of the rifle; some with short and extended stocks; some with short and long barrels. There are also a few sniper versions, and a special SOP type. There are currently 7 rifles in total. These are available at Crater Side Supply. A wasteland merchant has also been added to a hill overlooking Relay Tower KX-B8-11. (near Grisly Diner) (16, 20 WasteLand in the GECK) The added merchant with my name-sake has some "extra items" in his inventory.

I've made a new mesh for both the shellcasing and the ground model you see if you drop ammo on the ground. If you use the traveling merchant esp packaged with CALIBR, you should probably load my mod after it. If you use another mod that also uses CALIBR and 7.62x51, decide which ground models you want to see in game and load that mod last. Shellcasings are independent of other mods and should pose no conflict. There is a bit of extra ammo on the table outside the MegaTon Home

Install like any mod, just consider which ammo ground nif you want to see when setting load order in relation to other mods that may use 7.62x51 ammo. Copy the folders and esp file to your FO3 Data folder. (Fallout Mod Manager recommended)

Fallout 3 fully patched.

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