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Note: These companions all require the RR Companions Vault master, which can be downloaded here.

Download guide:

Because of the sheer number of these things, I've had to break them up for organization's sake.

Individual companions can be found under the "Main File" section, at the top.

Collections of multiple companions are listed under "Optional Files".

The archive containing all companions in their esp form for editing and whatnot are at the bottom, under "Miscellaneous Files".

Notice: any NPC that uses a unique voice has been placed on indefinite hold. It turns out that they can only work AND keep their original voices with complete dialog rewrites. This isn't something I'm interested in pursuing at the moment, but if there's enough demand I will make them available using the standard generic voices.

This is a collection of companions using the RR system. These companions copy their appearance, voice, and inventories from vanilla game NPCs, in effect allowing you to take game NPCs as companions, or send them to live n Vault 1, without the game and quest breaking problems associated with mods like SCC.

Each companion has had their name prefixed with "RR", to easily differentiate them from their original, should the two end up in the same room.

Because companions draw their appearance directly from their original NPC, mods like Project Beauty and Ling's Pretty Things that make changes to NPC appearance will also affect these companions.

If there's an NPC you'd like to see make the list, feel free to comment, and I'll see about adding it.

No mod-added or DLC NPCs, please.

Refer to the readme included with each companion for location they can be found.

When I get further along in the list, "packs" of companions will be put together, so that you don't have to run each one individually, for people who may already be running near the game's working limit of mods.

Also please bear in mind that while the companion system itself is heavily tested, these companions are not. There may yet be a gremlin or two in the works. If you have problems, be sure and report it via comment or PM.