• Cave Fungus Mushrooms in LLL for Fallout 3

    This mod add Cave Fungus Mushrooms in Little Lamplight Spelunkers and Great Chamber, near of water. Harvest them and they respawn in 5 days. It's all. Simply. Nothing more.
    This is a simpler version of my other mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/20738/?

    uploaded 23:59, 11 Nov 2014 14 1 127kb AbbaddoN33

  • Ol'Twinkies Survive for Fallout 3

    - Adds Hostess Twinkies Boxes to the Wasteland.
    - The Twinkies Boxes are scattered throughout the wasteland and placed in
    a few vendor inventories. (Thanks to SmugFrog)
    - Open the boxes and you will receive 10 individual twinkies.

    uploaded 23:31, 11 Nov 2014 46 3 625kb AbbaddoN33

  • Lilith in Fallout 3 for Fallout 3

    This Mod adds Liliths hair from Borderlands, currently its version 1.0 and will soon add more from the Borderlands verse, no exact copies, because it wont work but look a like thingies.

    uploaded 14:20, 11 Nov 2014 124 3 2,122kb TechxGuardian

  • The Railway Sniper Rifle for Fallout 3

    I have always liked the Railway Rifle, but I have also always thought it could use some more umff, - well it has now.

    uploaded 13:45, 11 Nov 2014 178 4 1,780kb Za1zeR

  • Unto the Breach for Fallout 3

    Full version of the mod!
    <br />A long, twisted tale of a quest for the original Vault 101. This mod will take you to new lands, give you new experiences and take you on a trip of a lifetime.
    <br />
    <br />This has new world spaces, dozens of interiors, new quests weapons and armour. Hours of gameplay await you

    uploaded 7:39, 10 Nov 2014 1,290 26 82,864kb Voltia

  • Pineapple's Weapon and Resource Pack for Fallout 3

    Adds some unique weapons to the game, based on leftovers from an old discontinued mod.
    Also contains resources for people to use in their own mods.

    uploaded 17:27, 8 Nov 2014 394 20 20,738kb PineappleSurprise

  • T-51x stealth power armor for Fallout 3

    A prototype power armor with stealth technology

    uploaded 21:33, 7 Nov 2014 121 3 542kb EnigManic

  • Expanded Wardrobe for Fallout 3

    More clothes and a variant of leather armor for diversity

    uploaded 10:02, 7 Nov 2014 127 5 8,501kb EnigManic

  • Camera Hotkeys for Fallout 3

    Configurable camera modes snazzily brought to you in the form of customizable hotkeys and other interesting features that you never asked for (but will love nevertheless).
    Now with added safety measures and optimized usage of resources to provide a smoothly hotkeyed photographic experience.

    uploaded 4:38, 7 Nov 2014 74 10 4kb claustromaniac

  • Thrash The YaoGuai for Fallout 3

    (Dogmeat Replacer) Who's that baby YaoGuai tearing up raiders in the scrapyard? Maybe he needs a new master.

    uploaded 9:51, 6 Nov 2014 3 0 2kb XxNightAngelusxX

  • Brown grass for Fallout 3

    This mod tells the game to load the brown grass textures that already existed in the game files, in place of the green ones.
    I created this mod as I had anti-aliasing transparency issues, and the green grass stuck out like a sore thumb, but the brown grass looked fine.
    If you just wanted brown grass for immersion, this works fine.

    uploaded 22:13, 5 Nov 2014 72 3 10kb jackichan101

  • Cool Shades for Fallout 3

    Shades that make you cool

    uploaded 19:33, 5 Nov 2014 40 0 1kb Jobac