Arlington House Restoration
A mod to provide Fallout 3 with a proper Arlington House worthy of being called the home of Robert E. Lee.
Antagonizer Companion - Court of the Arthropod Queen
Adds The Antagonizer as a fully voiced companion.
Complex character progression with an independANT karma system, romance option, skill training,
and hooks into over 20 vanilla quests.
Over 15 unique textures including 7 outfits.
Truly unique and upgradeable Ant Lair player home.
EVE 'Vengeance' Gatling Laser Upgrade
An upgrade of the Vengeance gatling laser available in EVE. Includes a new .nif & textures. See mod page for more info.
Scribe Yearling takes all Pre-War Books
Lets you turn in both kinds of Pre-War Books to Scribe Yearling for the unmarked quest Yearning for Learning.
Mesmetron Always Works
Removes the random chance element of the Mesmetron. If an NPC is vulnerable to it, it works. DOES NOT LET YOU ENSLAVE NORMALLY NON-ENSLAVEABLE NPCs.
Protectron Fixes
Stops Protectrons from repeatedly asking for Military/Office/Worker IDs, ensures Metro Protectrons will only ask for another ticket after you leave the area for an extended period of time.
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