Weapon Enhancement Pack
Texture replacement pack for several weapons and some uniques
ZzJay's Hairpacks for Fallout 3
A package of ZzJay's Nouks and Apachiis hairstyles and Hair pack for fallout 3 and nw with the hairs added to the vanilla races. All credits to ZzJay and the original authors.
More Camps
I got tired of quest mods for a minute so here's a little mod to add some enemy camps around some of the barren wastes.
Its a Dogs World - Dog Texture Overhaul
This mod provides higher res, and much higher detailed textures for the Normal dog.
FWE Subtle Weapon Sounds
Makes it so the weapons in FWE don't rape your ears on shooting, instead they sound like the normal weapons do. Loud, but sensible.
Open Containers - Animated Resource
All Hail to the Mighty Footlocker.
Most containers can now be fully opened, whether it d be for Interactivity, Immershon, Evil plans, or Decoration.

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