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Added: 03/08/2014 - 10:02PM
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Last updated at 3:59, 11 May 2015 Uploaded at 22:02, 3 Aug 2014

This is another small add-on that makes a rather minor change to the banking UI to show both the player and bank free space and maximum size.

I have found it annoying that when in the Bank panel, you do not know your backpack (plus horse) space available and when in the Inventory panel, you do not know your bank space available.  I don't have a great need for some manager add-on, all I really need is something to let me know where I stand so I can make sure to get the important stuff into the bank before the unimportant stuff.

This is that add-on, written specifically for my own purposes during Early Access and used by me since then.  This add-on was broken by the 1.3.3 API 100008 update and, while fixing it, I decided I would clean up a few things and release it here on Nexus.

It dynamically updates the portion of the bank window to quickly erase the ESO space remaining information and replace it with my own information.  The mod only runs when there is a bank window open, or when there is a qualified inventory change.

Both the player bank and the current guild bank are supported.

As the amount of space used approaches the maximum, the color will change from white to yellow.  I have noticed that the game likes to have about 4 open spaces when doing crafting work, so the yellow will appear in that range.  When the bank or backpack is full, the numbers will change to red.

The original purpose of this add-on was to have on screen free space information that remained on screen at all times.  This is displayed in a small window in the lower left corner of the screen and simply displays the player's inventory free space and personal bank free space.  In the release version, this information is turned off by default.

To turn on the bag space information window in the lower left portion of the screen, simply use the command "/bsi" at any time while the game is running.  This will toggle the window.  This setting is retained between game sessions.  The window is not movable and I will not be adding complexity in order to make it user movable.

Note: English only.  The text is hard coded into the application at this time.

Update History:

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Fixed incompatibility introduced with 1.3.3 between PTS and live, colorized the numbers
1.2 - Guilds are back online, found a problem with the display not updating when switching guild banks
1.3 - Compatible with Update 4 and fixed bug that caused add-on to not display on the bank panel until /bsi had been issued.
1.4 - Compatible with Update 5 using API 100010
1.5 - Compatible with Update 6 using API 100011
1.6 - Fixed readme.txt.  It might be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall to get rid of the old one.

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