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Last updated at 13:24, 2 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 22:02, 3 Aug 2014

This is another small add-on that makes a rather minor change to the UI to show both the player and bank free space and maximum size.

I have found it annoying that you do not know your backpack (plus horse) space available while playing.  This makes it more likely to run out of inventory space while collecting materials or running a dungeon or delve.  I don't have a great need for some manager add-on, all I really need is something to let me know where I stand so I can make sure to get the important stuff into the bank.

This is that add-on, written specifically for my own purposes during Early Access and used by me since then.

It adds a floating window that shows the amount of gold, the maximum bag space and amount used, and the maximum bank space and the amount used.  These are updated as the information changes.  The window can be moved anywhere on the screen, as desired, and the game will remember placement.  This window will disappear when the compass at the top of the screen is not visible.

As the amount of space used approaches the maximum, the color will change from white to yellow.  I have noticed that the game likes to have about 4 open spaces when doing crafting work, so the yellow will appear in that range.  When the bank or backpack is full, the numbers will change to red.

Changes in version 2.0

The introduction of Tel Var stones for Imperial City has resulted in some welcome changes to the bank and inventory dialogs that do some of what this add on is intended to do.  Version 2.0 removes the changes in the text on the inventory, bank, and guild bank dialogs.  This will eliminate the momentary appearance of the old text because the old version of this add on was writing over the stock text.   I have uploaded two images of the stock ESO v2.1 bank and guild bank to show how these now appear in game and why Bag Space Indicator is no longer needed for these dialogs. 

The previous version of the add on had an optional window in the lower left corner of the screen.  This was never intended to be permanent, and version 2.0 move that information to a new window that includes the amount of gold carried, the bag space, and the bank space of the character.  This window is movable and placement will be remembered.  To move the window, simply press "." (period) to get into the cursor mode and drag the window where it should be.  This window is independently positioned per character.

With the need to modify dialog text removed, there are no inhibitors to making a language independent version of this add on.  Words have been replaced with icons, leaving only one word that needs to be translated.  I will see about removing this word in a future update.

Update History:

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Fixed incompatibility introduced with 1.3.3 between PTS and live, colorized the numbers
1.2 - Guilds are back online, found a problem with the display not updating when switching guild banks
1.3 - Compatible with Update 4 and fixed bug that caused add-on to not display on the bank panel until /bsi had been issued.
1.4 - Compatible with Update 5 using API 100010
1.5 - Compatible with Update 6 using API 100011
1.6 - Fixed readme.txt.  It might be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall to get rid of the old one.
2.0 - Compatible with Update 7 (Imperial City) and API 100012.  Introduced new floating window, removed dialog text updates.
2.1 - Skipped version number
2.2 - Updated for API 13 (Orsinium) and ESOTU 2.2.4

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