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                 "I haven't shaved my head in two weeks!"
                                 - Solas

                The laziest of all modders brings you a revolution in Solas-related technology. Seven hairstyles are available for transplant, and they're mod compatible! If you edit one of these seven elf male hairs, Solas's hair will change too!

               BONUS: New hair to replace em 050, turning it into some sweet concept art based nonsense. Bonus bonus, two separate packs of presorted files that include basic retextures for Solas to add some scalp texture and/or conceptify his skin tone.

               Only seven of the em hairs will physically load on Solas. I don't know why. Please don't yell at me to include the rest.
               Not every hair fits Solas well. His head is an egg shape.
               Solas refuses to change his hair color. I edit the values, he ignores them. Someone smarter than me might figure it out.
               Dark skin retexture does not affect hands and feet.
               I am lazy. Don't depend on me to fix something unless it's literally exploding your computer.

               FENHAIREL is incompatible with many things for seemingly no reason. De-egg at your own risk.
               Solas seems to like to randomly shave his head again in menus and outside of Skyhold. I do not understand his whimsy.