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CC addons
Updates the character creator to have
-Cassandra's and Meredith's complexions with makeup and eyebrows removed
-a few new complexions (mostly from inquisition)
-a couple of mhawke hairs for fhawke and fhawke hairs for mhawke with a few new ones
-makeup tattoos so it's available to male characters 

-Fhawke has the dreads, I just accidentally skipped over them when I was taking pictures
-The sideburns on some of the new hairs for fhawke clip with a certain face presets, though only 1 or 2 for each given hair. The backs of some of the new hairs for mhawke do clip through the neck quite a bit. 

-I didn't do all the hairs since a lot of them are similar for each gender but if you have any requests for a certain hairstyle feel free to ask. 
EDIT: fixing some things I missed it'll be back up in a while
EDIT: It's back up
Isabela Hair Options
-2 bobs, one using her hair from inquisition, one from the base game. 

Isabela Sailor Coat
-Replaces Isabela's regular outfit with the sailor coat from Inquisition
-slight clipping when she runs, can't be helped. 
I feel like someone has done this before but I couldn't find anything so if it actually has been done please tell me 

EF Underwear Replacer 
Fixed textures for the original mod by captainwolfos

Eye Retexture

Special thanks to the dragonagemods tumblr for helping me out as always!