• 301

    Arthmis' Companion morphs
    Arthmis' Companion...
    by arthmis
  • 369

    Vanilla Skin Tones - Eye Texture And Eye Colours Replacements
    Vanilla Skin Tones - E...
    by SammyJC
  • 67

    Warden Vashoth's Custom Companions
    Warden Vashoth's C...
    by Greenssims
  • 1,261

    Tinimaus and SarahCousland's - the Rescue at Ishal
    Tinimaus and SarahCous...
    by SarahCousland
  • 1,063

    Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack v3.01 OPEN BETA
    Qwinn's Ultimate D...
    by Qwinn
  • 23

    Flash Creature Rescale - REbalanced.
    Flash Creature Rescale...
    by timoteoandre
  • 399

    Improved Mabari for DAO
    Improved Mabari for DA...
    by magpiedragon
  • 44

    SM Warden Mage Uniform (Relocated)
    SM Warden Mage Uniform...
    by HigheverRains
  • 69

    SM Light Armors (Relocated)
    SM Light Armors (Reloc...
    by HigheverRains
  • 80

    SM Noble Gowns (Relocated)
    SM Noble Gowns (Reloca...
    by HigheverRains
  • 1,570

    by RogueLass
  • 43

    Dust Town Armor and Ilen and Junar Tweaks
    Dust Town Armor and Il...
    by mintflavoredwindows
  • 55

    Arl Thornberry
    Arl Thornberry
    by mintflavoredwindows
  • 68

    Morrigan's Scavenger Robes
    Morrigan's Scaveng...
    by Greenssims
  • 66

    Asian Leliana morphs
    Asian Leliana morphs
    by gaymorrigan
  • 27

    Equal Cross Platform Regen
    Equal Cross Platform R...
    by CogentCoda
  • 190

    DA2-looking Merrill for DAO
    DA2-looking Merrill fo...
    by jankkarinkatu
  • 54

    Alternative Chasind Morrigan
    Alternative Chasind Mo...
    by gaymorrigan
  • 1,686

    No Ninjamancing
    No Ninjamancing
    by GoesOnGhost
  • 1,219

    Unlock All Specializations DAO_DAA
    Unlock All Specializat...
    by ryzathie
  • 236

    Fix Plus To Healing Effects Received
    Fix Plus To Healing Ef...
    by ryzathie
  • 241

    Merchant Compatibility Patch
    Merchant Compatibility...
    by fjvp3203
  • 420

    Dragon Age Toolset Installation Guide in Windows 10.
    Dragon Age Toolset Ins...
    by SilverLucario
  • 487

    Warden Travelling Robes
    Warden Travelling Robe...
    by Dalishious
  • 3,412

    Unique Face Textures for Companions DAO Edition
    Unique Face Textures f...
    by Ellise
  • 17

    Olivfarbener Oger
    Olivfarbener Oger
    by rosvitacousland
  • 1,046

    Epic Ladies of Ferelden
    Epic Ladies of Ferelde...
    by RogueLass
  • 245

    DA2 Merrill
    DA2 Merrill
    by Xiactorvi
  • 73

    Less Uncomfortable Companion Banters - DAO Addition
    Less Uncomfortable Com...
    by Xiactorvi
  • 229

    Spell Adjustment
    Spell Adjustment
    by Ailon
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