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All 4 Staves are found and uploaded, I hope you like them, I made them in january while playing with my mage. This is probably my last mod for DA (going back to play mmos little), but you can never know for sure :)


1.Unrar file with Winrar or some other software that manages .rar extension
2.Launch daupdater located in Dragon Age/bin ship/daupdater and install dazip
3.Save game and load game to get items

If you want to have the items in Awakening you can use 2 options. 1st is to save and load in yor Origins Save game then import that Save Game to Awakening.
2nd option I wrote down at the bottom of this description.


delete staves folder from my documents/bioware/dragon age/addins

If you dont like stats change them with The Winter Forge mod ( http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=122 )


* Brilliance Of Thedas *
tier 7

7 Willpower
7 Spellpower
2 Combat mana regen
15% on healing spells
15% on fire damage

* Wrath Of Iron Cobra *
tier 7

7 Magic
7 Spellpower
2 Combat mana regen
15% on cold damage
15% on electric damage

* Undead Can Dance *
tier 7

7 Magic
7 Spellpower
2 Combat mana regen
15% on spirit damage
15% on cold damage

* Keeper Of Arlathan *
tier 7

4 All Stats
14 Spellpower
2 Combat mana regen
17% on nature damage
17% on fire damage

Check out my other mods:

Custom Waraxes And Retextured Massive Armor Set ( http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=982 )
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This mod wouldn't be possible without
DaTool by Adinos
Tapzn's Command Line Tool
John Vanderbeck's Tutorial
and Blender

Thanks Bioware for this great game! Have Fun :)


go to documents/ bioware / dragon age / settings and copy addins.xml to desktop,
then rename copied addins.xml to addins.xml.DAO,
renamed file copy back to documents / bioware / dragon age / settings

Now you should have addins.xml and addins.xml.DAO in documents/ bioware / dragon age / settings

open addins.xml with notepad
go to Edit -> Replace,
in "Find What" type: Single Player
and in "Replace" type: DAO_PRC_EP_1
and click "Replace All", save file.
Now it will work in Awakening.

Btw this will make all mods work in Awakening but they wont work in Origins.

If u want again to enable mods to work in Origins just rename addins.xml to addins.xml.AWE and rename addins.xml.DAO to addins.xml

For this all credits go to KigenBarzhad