DLC Transfer To Awakening Patch by Mad Method
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Added: 19/03/2010 - 06:32AM
Updated: 22/12/2012 - 09:43PM

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Last updated at 21:43, 22 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 6:32, 19 Mar 2010

This tool patches all the DLC (including the Warden's Keep abilties) so they import properly to Awakening. Should work with all DLC and all localizations as far as I can tell.

Yes, it's a batch script. I was feeling lazy.

Step 1) Download it.
Step 2) Double click on FIX_DLC.BAT
Step 3) Bang on the keyboard.
Step 4) (Optional) Bang on the keyboard again.

Differences between this mod and KigenAngelo's mod
  • The file is less than 2 kilobytes (really tiny). You can download this in under 1 second even on a 56k dial-up modem connection.
  • You do not need to register to download this file.
  • It takes care of the entire process for you, instead of having to do it by hand.
  • It uses pre-existing files.
  • It should also work with any localization.
  • You need Windows to use this. I might make a Mac version later.
About Ultimate Edition
Version 1.12 should work with Ultimate Edition now, but seeing as I don't have a copy myself, I can't be 100% sure. Someone let me know if it works. And if it doesn't, I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what the installation folder and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software registry key for the ultimate edition are.

About Warden's Keep
Just to be clear, the following concerns texture problems: If you don't care for æsthetics as long as everything works, this won't concern you. The texture for Warden Commander's set and/or Starfang seem to override some armour set from Awakening as well as a couple of weapons. Your Warden's Keep items will look fine, but some of the newer Awakening items won't. If you get sick of that, you can use the texture hack I added to disable all the Warden's Keep textures so you can see the Awakening items in their proper glory. Basically, you just get to choose between whether you want your Warden's Keep textures or the Awakening textures it overrides. Not exactly the greatest solution, but at least you get a choice now. Use it when you no longer want to see the Warden Commander armor and would like to see the new armor instead.
Addendum: KigenAngelo has made a Starfang/Vigilance graphics fix. You should probably use this instead. By the way, as far as I know, the old DLC fix undo tool also removes KigenAngelo's Awakening fixes (including this one).

About Awakening Promo Items
Bulwark of the True King, Pearl of the Anointed, and Bregan's Bow come with both Origins and Awakening versions. As a result, you will probably wind up with both versions in Awakening if you use this tool. If you don't like that, either disable the Origins versions when you play Awakening, trash the extras, or sell them for gold.

DLC Fix Tool Changelog
  • (1.14) Fixed a check that made it incompatible with Ultimate Edition.
  • (1.13) Added support for 64-bit Windows. Apparently they change the location of the registry keys around.
  • (1.12) Tried to add support for the Ultimate Edition.
  • (1.11) Added support for Feastday DLC.
  • (1.10) Switched to a whitelist. Also placed all DLC Fix override data in a specific subfolder just to be safe.
  • (1.09) I mixed up the CE items and memory band last patch, causing both of their talktables to mess up. Fixed.
  • (1.08) Rolled back the code to 1.05 and added fixes for the new Awakening DLC items. Everything should be working fine now.
  • (1.07) Huh, how did that get in there? Removed a sliver of code that caused the whole script to break down.
  • (1.06) Changed the way this script futzes with the talktables.
  • (1.05) Fixed Fomari Tome and Memory Band names so they show up properly.
  • (1.04) Turns out partially overriding talktables isn't possible. Fixed it. Item names should show up properly now.
  • (1.03) Tried to make the item names show up properly in Warden's Keep by partially overriding talktables.
  • (1.02) Made sure the sounds would import properly so you could hear the Warden's Keep abilities.
  • (1.01) Used partial overrides instead of full overrides for the ERF files.
Texture Hacks Changelog
  • (1.03b) Right, a slip up in the v1.03 code left the hacks unable to undo themselves. Fixed that.
  • (1.03) Tried to fix the bad model issue by making the hack also disable and re-enable modelmeshdata.erf
  • (1.02) Fixed the "Access denied." error that kept it from working. Also, cultivated hatred of Microsoft for blatant misuse of error messages.
  • (1.01) Changed the way the hack disables Warden's Keep textures so that the textures should still be available in Origins while disabled for Awakening.
If there are any problems or suggestions with any of the tools, please leave a message in the discussion board. If there was an error, please specify when the error appeared, what exactly the error was, and which modules were affected.