WolfShop by KigenBarzhad
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--- The Overview ---
Those that choose to be the instrument of vengeance for the werewolves lose out on the opportunity of collecting some rare loot: Tome of Skill and Sundry, Tome of the Mortal Vessel, a Backpack, unlimited reagents, and other priceless items.

This mod creates a shop for the werewolves. The created shop will be equivalent to Varathorn's (had he been left alive.) Complete with VO!

*Note: For other modders out there that wish to edit his inventory, this store is "store_ntb100cr_varathorn_2"

--- The Real Deal ---
Creates a werewolf shop (Thornpaw) that is the exact shop that Varathorn would open if he were alive. That means for any mods that would edit Varathorn's inventory/shop (after the Nature of the Beast quest is complete), it would be fully compatible.

No more do we have to lose out on Tomes & Backpacks for liking Werewolves more than elves!

Leave a comment if any bugs arise or the VO fails.