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Last updated at 22:34, 24 Jan 2010 Uploaded at 22:10, 22 Jan 2010

In a highly polished game such as Dragon Age: Origins, even the smallest mistakes and omissions tend to stand out. Ever cringed at the broken kiss cutscene in the camp? Raised an eyebrow at nonsensical bits of otherwise perfect conversations? Wondered how the game could have forgotten who's king and, more importantly, who isn't? If so, you're in the right place.

This mod aims to fix all the little (and some not so little) inconsistencies that can be noticed in Alistair's conversations, including missing or broken cutscenes, repeated dialog, inappropriate conditionals and absent branches. All the new lines of dialog (around 30) are voiced by recycling the existing voice-overs. The new cutscenes are also minimally modified versions of materials from the OC.

The mod does not add new conversations, romance or plot options - only addresses the problems with existing ones, and only those related to Alistair.

For DAUpdater installation, download "AlistairDialogPatch-DAUpdater.zip".

For manual installation, download "AlistairDialogPatch-Manual.zip".

Installation and usage instructions are in the readme, please read it before asking for help or reporting issues, thank you!

List of features:

- Fixed the endgame conversations with Morrigan and Alistar in Redcliffe Castle, about the ritual. Now both will behave properly if Alistair is not the king.

- Fixed a bug that stopped Anora from showing up and speaking in Redcliffe Castle prior to the siege of Denerim as sole queen (with Alistair still in the party, but not the king).

- Fixed the bug that let Alistair give the rallying speech prior to the siege of Denerim even if he is not the king.

- Fixed the endgame conversation at the Gates of Denerim where the player says goodbye to all party members. Now Alistair will behave properly if in active romance or still in love with the player; in particular, two or three dialog options can now lead to a goodbye kiss.

- Fixed the endgame conversation at the roof of Fort Drakon where it is to be decided who gets to kill the Archdemon. Now Alistair will behave properly if he is not the king.

- Fixed the romance-related dialog that Alistair initiates after making love, dealing with the future of the relationship. Now the player will behave properly if Alistair is not the king.

- Fixed the romance-related dialog that the player can initiate after making love, dealing with the future of the relationship. Now Alistair will behave properly if he is not the king, if he is marrying the player, and if he is not changed.

- Fixed a post-Landsmeet dialog with Alistair that was supposed to appear in the case the player selected Anora as sole queen, while choosing to punish Loghain for his crimes. This originally unreachable dialog is now unlocked.

- Fixed Anora's epilogue dialog so that now she will not speak of Alistair as if he were alive in case he is not.

- Changed the conversation about other party members so that now it will only appear after all the quests to gather allies are complete (before the Landsmeet).

- Fixed the early-game conversation about the Joining that was originally unreachable. Now you may try to persuade Alistair into speaking about the ritual after Duncan has sent you on the quest to get the darkspawn blood.

- Fixed the broken kiss cutscene prior to making love.

- Fixed the issue of kissing music overlapping with music in cutscenes that follow (the sex cutscene; goodbye kiss before entering Denerim; gooodbye kiss at the roof of Fort Drakon).

- Replaced the "Something you need, my dear?" response with "My love?"

- Replaced the "Well, we're in camp. Now's as good a time as any to talk, right?" response (which will only appear once) with a palette of shorter responses appropriate for the level of intimacy the player has reached with Alistair.

- Replaced the in-camp kissing response "A-ha! I see talking isn't quite what you had in mind. Got it." (which will only appear once) to "At your service."

- Untangled Alistair's adore/jealousy dialogs so that the crossovers are now minimal. Alistair will now ask about Zevran if the player slept with Zevran before reaching "adore" approval rating. Also unlocked the first-kiss cutscene in the case Alistair's confession results from questioning the player's relationship with another party member.

- Modified the endgame slideshow to acknowledge some early-game dialog choices related to Alistair and also to treat Alistair's kingship in a more realistic manner.

- Tweaked the volume levels of some voice-overs that seemed either too quiet or too loud originally.

- And the silliest of all: Alistair will now keep his eyes closed while kissing (applies to the two goodbye-kisses during endgame, where you can actually see Alistair's face).


If you care to support this project, the best way to help is to tell me (or point me to discussions) about any instances of original Alistair's dialog that seem odd, so I can continue fixing.

All suggestions and comments are very welcome, but since I don't have enough time to watch two places, I must ask you to give feedback and discuss on the project page at Bioware social.