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Added: 14/07/2017 - 05:50PM
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Last updated at 15:01, 18 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 17:50, 14 Jul 2017


This mod overhauls the game controls and camera, allowing more fluid and intuitive gameplay.
It is now feasible to play without frequent pauses or cumbersome camera adjustments.

Control Scheme

  • Moving the mouse now points the camera accordingly by default. This is more consistent with common FPS/RPG games. A crosshair indicates the current targeting position.
  • Clicking the Left Mouse Button selects the item at the crosshair. For finer control, hold down the button and move the mouse to a new target. When the button is released this new position is selected.
  • Clicking the Right Mouse Button activates the item at the crosshair. For finer control, hold down the button and move the mouse to a new target. When the button is released this new position is activated.
  • To override the new camera behavior momentarily, hold down the Left Shift key to enter Pointer Mode, allowing to move the pointer without changing the camera orientation. This is how it works by default in the original game, and is consistent with common RTS games. When the Shift key is released the game returns to the Default Mode. Combining quickslot keys with the new convenience features, it is possible to issue commands efficiently, making the Pause and Pointer Mode functions mostly optional.
  • Because of the new camera design, it is recommended to change the default Move left/right key bindings. Set Move left to A instead of Q, and Move right to D instead of E. The settings for Move camera left/right can remain blank, or they can be set to the now unused Q and E keys.
  • Note that if you use an Activated ability without an active target you need to select a new target to trigger it, using the Left Mouse Button as described above.
  • To highlight specific interactive objects, click or hold down the Left Mouse Button. To highlight all objects use the corresponding key binding (Tab by default).


  • Since the mod uses the Left Shift key, if you assigned it to any key bindings they should be changed accordingly (to any other key).
  • The mod relies on the default Middle Mouse Button functionality. If you changed the default setting for Pan camera, reset it to Middle Mouse Button again.
  • Hiding the main interface disables the mod until it is displayed again.


  1. Injectors/overlays (like ENB, ReShade, Steam overlay or Origin overlay) cause problems and are not supported. Disable them first.
  2. Copy the files icmod.exe and icmod.dll to the game bin_ship folder, where the file daorigins.exe is located.
  3. Start the game with icmod.exe, or change the shortcuts accordingly. A confirmation message box should appear when starting the game, and a crosshair should appear when playing.


Reverse the installation steps.

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