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Tired of accidentally starting romances you did not mean to activate? I hear ya. One of the best things about the later Dragon Age game is that they indicate when you are entering or ending a romance. So, I decided to do the same for DAO. I went through all the relevant dialogue options and marked them. The key, as it were, is thus:

  • (flirt): Activates the romance.
  • (break up): Ends the romance.
  • (turn down): Keeps the romance from happening.

Now. I know I'm gonna get this question immediately so let me answer it right away. Some dialogue options that can activate or end a romance will only work under certain condition.

An example would be if your warden tells Alistair: "You're a prince. Somehow I find that very... thrilling." if Alistair feels neutral or worse towards you, this line won't activate the romance, and you'll know if you're in that situation because that dialogue option won't have (flirt) appended on it.

Rest assured, if the dialogue option has one of the three indicators above, it will do what it says it will do.

Installation and Packages

Core package

Download the main package and drop it into "Dragon Age/packages/core/override/".

Complete Bi Overhaul Version
*added 5/20/2017

If you use my Complete Bi Overhaul mod, download the patch on that page instead of downloading the core package here.


Patches are in the works and I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. Any mod that changes any of the following files will conflict until I make a patch:
  • alistair_main.dlg/dlb
  • arl100cr_alistair_origin.dlg/dlb
  • leliana.dlg/dlb
  • morrigan_main.dlg/dlb
  • party_camp.dlg/dlb
  • party_events.dlg/dlb
  • party_events.dlg/dlb
  • zevran_main.dlg/dlb