A Magical Kiss - Alistair Romance by SarahCousland
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Last updated at 14:46, 26 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 21:26, 9 Mar 2017

Thank you everyone so much for all your support for this mod!
I felt very honored to win Mod of the Month for March!
I love seeing the scene in other games so feel free to post screenshots and/or videos!


Have you ever wanted to sneak away with Alistair and share a private, romantic, passionate kiss? Away from all your nosy companions? No more disgusted noises from Morrigan, giggles from Leli, or snickers (and unsolicited advice) from Zev.
No more barking dogs or noisy nugs.
Just you and Alistair. Alone.

This is a cutscene, a repeatable kiss with Alistair that can be triggered whenever you're in the party camp. It's available for female humans, male and female elves, and female dwarfs who are romancing Alistair and at the "Adore" stage.

I created it for fun, something different to add to the game.
It was never meant to take away from any other Alistair mod out there.
I just think we can never have enough Alistair kisses :)


Download, unzip, and install the dazip using DAUpdater or your Mod Manager

To update to the newest version delete the file "magical_kiss" from your AddIns folder
or uninstall the old version with your preferred Mod Manager

It may vary slightly with your PC setup, however, generally speaking your AddIns folder is set up as seen below:

For the EA Origin version:
Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/AddIns

For the Steam version:
Steam/steamapps/common/Dragon Age Ultimate Edition/AddIns

Download version 1.1, unzip, and install using the DAUpdater.
If you decide uninstall version 1.1- delete the file "magical_kiss" from the AddIns folder
or use your preferred Mod Manager to uninstall the dazip file

:: NOTES ::

The trigger for the cutscene is a flower bunch on the left side of the dirt path, on the edge of camp, right before you can click to pick your party and travel. I tried to keep it away from other possibly installed Alistair mods with nearby triggers, such as Tinimaus' "Alistair Romance-Attraction" mod, as she also used flowers as a trigger.

See the pictures in the image section for an exact location.


A human male version is a WIP, however I don't plan on doing a male dwarf version unless it's requested
Being new to the toolset, it's been a challenge to make the kiss work well for all genders/races due to
height/size differences in body types - but I will try if someone would like a male dwarf version :)


The best reward is knowing that I can enhance someone else's Dragon Age experience with my small contribution <3


I didn't want this simple kiss scene to conflict with any Alistair mods 
so it was scripted to use a flower as a trigger and edits no core resources/files

Because of this it should be compatible with all the wonderful Alistair romance mods
including complete overhauls like IRS, ARR, or mods that allow anyone to romance/marry Alistair


If the flowers don't appear or the scene won't trigger, just let me know and I'll do my best to help fix it.
You must be at the "Adore" stage in the Alistair romance for the scene to be available. 


A big thank you to my girl, Tinimaus, for helping me wrangle the toolset
for supporting me in my terrible attempts at understanding scripting
for keeping me motivated to complete this mod.
I couldn't do this without her!