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(If you haven't already played this Origin, there are spoilers in the description)

Thank you so much for all the support that you guys have shown this mod! It has been so encouraging!

I have two more mods involving Tamlen that I've started working on because of it.

I feel the Tamlen love and adore all the screenshots I've seen!

Feel free to upload them here!

Tamlen has always been one of my favorite parts of the Dalish Elf Origin, but I always felt his story wasn't expanded on properly.
If you play as a female elf, it's very obvious the two of you are in love (at least to me).
You have grown up together, are best friends, and are likely to be married eventually.
Well, until the horribleness of that mirror...and then that scene in the party camp didn't do him any justice, in my opinion. 

So, I wanted to make a cutscene to show some of the affection and love between Tamlen and his girl. I hope you enjoy it!


This is a cutscene that takes place at the beginning of the Dalish Elf Origin in the elven ruins.
It was created for a male or female elf that "romances" Tamlen, so it makes the most sense to trigger it after you have the conversation with him (in the ruins) where he asks why you are with him for the day.
Afterwards, you will receive a flower (with a description) in your inventory, under plot items. It appears there in the same way that Alistair's Rose does.

While the original cutscene played for both male & female elves, I previously didn't design it for male elves and
hadn't included a gender check.

But I saw some adorable screenshots with male elves and Tamlen,
so I wanted to fix that as the original camera angles only looked best with a female.  
It has been updated with a new version designed specifically for male elves. 

To trigger the scene, click on the wild flower right outside of the room where the mirror is. The flower is on the right of the statue that sits just left, around the corner from the door. I recommend doing this right before you attempt to enter that room and click on the mirror.

The elven ruins aren't the most romantic setting, but it made the most sense for it to take place there to keep with the main storyline.


To update to the newest version you must delete the file "kissing_tamlen" from your AddIns folder
(yes it had an incorrect name before haha-newbie here forgot to update it)

It may vary slightly with your PC setup, however generally speaking it will as seen below:

For the EA Origin version:
Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/AddIns

For the Steam version:
Steam/steamapps/common/Dragon Age Ultimate Edition/AddIns

Download version 1.1, unzip, and install using the DAUpdater.
If you decide uninstall version 1.1- delete the file "tamlens_flower" from the AddIns folder

:: NOTES ::

For aesthetic purposes, the corpses littering the floor around that area will disappear after you click on the flower. This affects only one part of the main storyline. If the corpses haven't already attacked you, then you won't be required to fight them at all.  There is only a few of them that actually attack you, so I didn't feel the loss of this tiny fight was a big deal. You should be able to continue on through the door to the mirror as usual.

This scene shouldn't conflict with any other mods
(like the hugs mod that allows you to hug Tamlen)
as it only edits the map for the elven ruins and isn't triggered through dialogue

Also, you can watch the scene more than once while Tamlen is still with you, but you should only receive the flower in your inventory after the first time.


Please notify me of any issues or bugs that you have and I will try to help resolve them the best that I can. The mod has been tested, but we can never predict what may happen :)

This is my first mod ever and I'm still learning the toolset, so I ask that you please be gentle with me.


A big thank you goes to Tinimaus- she has been my mentor, teacher and cheerleader & I couldn't have done any of this without her!