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“It's just like being home again. Except with more undead.” – Alistair

11/13/2014: Updated: Connor, Isolde, Valena. Updated Required Mods
10/15/2014: Updated Dwyn

Head morphs for select NPC’s in Recliffe

This mod includes:
• Select morphs for:
1. Bella
2. Berwick
3. Bevin
4. Dwyn
5. Kaitlyn
6. Knight2
7. Knight3
8. Mother Hannah
9. Ser Perth
10.    Tomas
11.    Valena
• Select tints, tones and textures.
• In-game shots

Everything is in individual folders for easy finds if necessary.

.mor name list:
• em_arl150cr_berwick.mor
• kn_arl140cr_bevin.mor
• dm_arl130cr_dwyn.mor
• hf_arl110cr_kaitlyn.mor
• hm_arl100cr_knight2.mor
• hm_arl100cr_knight3.mor
• hf_arl110cr_hannah.mor
• hm_arl100cr_perth.mor
• hm_arl100cr_tomas.mor
• hf_arl210cr_valena.mor

DRAGON AGE REDESIGNED by Petehog - Dracomies True Textures. Follow the instructions in the installer it provides to install. This mod comes with morphs, if you have any morphs being used make sure to do a search in Redesigned for those, and if there are any, remove them. -- (ALL)

Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors by Pineappletree -- (ALL)

elf update by tmp7704 -- (Berwick)

11 custom male scars for the DAToolset by SammyJC - (Dwyn, Knight2, Tomas)

Look Hair by Risibisi(Bella, Berwick, Kaitlyn, Mother Hannah, Valena)

Look Hair Children Edition by Risibisi(Bevin)

Schwarzalbenheim by AMENSIGN(Dwyn)

tucked hair by tmp7704(Ser Perth, Tomas)

Ferelden Models by mochen -- You will need Face and Eye Textures under Miscellaneous -- (Valena)

~~Optional Mods~~
HD Eyebrow and Stubble presets by ViLiSSa -- Only if you want stubble to look like what you see in pictures

Extract the archive in your "Bioware> Dragon Age> Packages> Core> Override" directory

Delete folder "DA - Coming Home" from your override folder

Keep in mind any mod included is NOT the full mod. Only select portions used to create these. If you would like the full mods they are listed under Included Mods

If you like, please endorse :)

Do NOT re-distribute this file (as such or as part of any other mods). I gained permission from the original authors to include their mods.

Lovely Tints by Barnzi88
DA – Tattoos
KH01 Eye Lash Texture by KaniHime
New Textures by MissB by MissBasha
Lipstick - mole and freckle textures by SammyJC
New Eyes for DAOT by ViLiSSa by ViLiSSa
New Skins DAO by ViLiSSa

Thanks to:

DA – A Noble Approach
DA – Mages of Ferelden
DA – Merry Band of Misfits
DA – Anders
DA – Castle Cousland Revisited
DA – Within the Tower
DA – Jowan
DA – Tamlen
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