Quests and Legends - Missing Voice of Valeria by Idomeneas1976
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==If you want to hear Valeria's voice in quests and legends then this is the right place to be!==

These files are taken from Quests and Legends 1.5

The purpose of this is to restore the voice to some of the missing NPCs that were removed from Quests and Legends v1.6

"--Removed VO (will be redone)
-Valeria, Fonias, Lara, Marianna and Female Noble (advisor to Theodor)."

Source - http://social.bioware.com/project/3152/discussion/2218/

Install these files into C:\Documents and Settings\X\My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\valeria_addon\core\audio\sound

or wherever your addins folder is located

When I downloaded Quests and Legends 1.6 (the latest version available) I was quickly annoyed by the silence of the "Romanceable/fully voiced npc Valeria". So I managed to dig up 1.5 from some obscure site and pulled out all the audio files that are missing in 1.6 and this should fix most of her silence.

Unfortunately I have no idea how these files will effect the stability of the game, however I suspect they will not do anything other than restoring the voice acting back into the game

-Credits go to Idomeneas1976, DahliaLynn and the other voice actors.