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None of the hair meshes and textures I have used are my work! The only thing I have done, are the ports for Dragon Age and some retextures for a few hairstyles.
All credits for the mesh and the textures go to their original "The Sims" artists who were so kind and gave me their permission or have an open policy which allows conversions. Thank you!

These are just some nice, simple hairstyles which I have converted for practice. Most of the hairstyles have a high polygon count but there are some with low. You will get with the pack: long, short, straight, curly, wavy hair and as far as I know, it's the only hairpack with some Afro- and Rasta styles. Some hairstyles are lore friendly - some not! Some hairstyles have an extreme clipping - others not! Some have an accessory - some not!
There aren't many male hairstyles. No, I don’t hate men, but I wasn’t satisfied with the offer from the designers.

If you have problems with the installation - drop a note and I will try to help you. Hair you go! :)

After downloading the mod, extract the zip file and put the folder in your override folder. The override folder is usually found here: "My DocumentsBiowareDragon AgePackagesCoreOverride" although the location of yours might differ.
Use a compiler such as the CharGenMorph Compiler by TerraEx to merge the "chargenmorphcfg.xml".

Alternatively you can edit the chargenmorph file yourself by copying the lines from the "Look Hair!" chargenmorph file and pasting them under the corresponding section headings in your original one.

<resource name="hf_har_BFly014_0" cut="1" />
<resource name="hf_har_BFly037_0" cut="1” />

There should be only ONE chargenmorph file in your override after compiling. If you have more than one, it won’t work!!

Just throw the folder in your recycling bin and delete the edited lines from the Chargenmorph file!

  • The long hairstyles of this mod aren't perfectly rigged. If this bothers you too much you shouldn't use the long hairstyles!!
  • Clipping with the character’s armour and body will occur with some hairstyles. That’s the price for having long hair! Clipping could also occur with the character’s ears and face.
  • Some of the ButterflySims hair have a broad parting. With some hair colours the partings are white and you have to choose another colour or you could edit your mor.file!
  • Glitches of the earrings can be occur.
  • With some of the hairstyles you will get a light blue shine in the ear area.That's because I had to hide some parts of the hairmesh in the head to get a better adjustment.
  • Some hairstyles for the elves will only fit well with the bigger elf ears.
  • The choice of hair colour can make a big difference in the outcome of the hair’s appearance!
  • If you have white lines in your hair, you can do this: You need the toolset or the gff4 editor to open the mor.file, then scroll to MORPH_TINTFILENAMES and change the value in line 11 to the stubble color you want. For example, if you are using hair color pt_har_bk3, then change the stubble color to pt_stb_bk3, then save.
  • More infos in the comments of Pineappletree’s Vibrant Colors mod.
  • Some of the hairstyles are with earrings! You have to make little tweaks, e.g change size of ears etc. that they will fit!
  • If you want to change your hair and appearance after you have started a new game, you can use the Change your hero hair and face mod. It's very useful!

None of these meshes and hair textures are my creations!!!They are the creative work of:

Thank you very much to these people for their permission!
  • Boodrl for her great videotutorial and help!
  • ShepShy for the start-up assistance.
  • Qess for revising, brainstorming and being Qess!!? :P
  • Entopie and Mochie for the male presets which I have used from their fabulous mods!
  • Vorna for her great tutorial!
  • Entopie for being an amazing friend and fellow modder. Without her modding passion and enthusiasm for Dragon Age, I would have give up modding a long time ago!
  • Amethys, Bastet, Beba, Draco, Leo, Makara, Mr.FlipFlop, Pat, Puffy, Qess, Sirens, Skaramoosh, Skessa, Xonan for their support and motivation and all other fellow Grey Wardens from the Image Share. You are great!
“Look Hair” is compatible with:
You are not allowed to upload my mod or single files from my mod to other (pay)sites!!!You are not allowed to include my files in your own mod as a downloadable content!
If you want to port these hairstyles to another game you must ask the original authors for their permission! NOT ME!!

Only these websites are legally authorized to host my mods and files:


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