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Last updated at 18:04, 17 Feb 2011 Uploaded at 19:42, 14 Feb 2011

This mod contains the armor and weapons of the legendary Grey Warden Garahel:
Greaves of Garahel
Gauntlets of Garahel
Chestplate of Garahel
Fury of the Dalish (Longsword)
Vigilance of the Dalish (Longsword)

Each item provides various bonuses. An armor set bonus is also present for equipping the greaves, gauntlets and chestplate.

The armor set can be equipped by all races, classes and genders. Each item has a custom description and custom icon. No existing items will be replaced by this mod.



- Updated the regular version of the armor set. The chestplate no longer gives the second +10 armor buff, instead it increases monetary gain

- Uploaded a version with significantly lower stats at the request of the community.

- Uploaded direct-to-inventory versions of both the regular and lower stats set.

Important note: You can only have one version of the set installed at one time. If you wish to install a different version, you must delete the one you already have installed first.

Known bugs: The direct-to-inventory versions unfortunately suffer from the "New character" bug many other armor mods suffer from, where the items won't spawn in your inventory after you start a new game. The workaround is to disable the mod before you create your new Origins character, then create your character, save the game and exit to the main menu, enable the mod and load the game to get the items in your inventory. Existing saves do not suffer from this bug and will spawn the items properly.

1) navigate to your Dragon Age install directory: ..\Dragon Age\bin_ship
2) run the daupdater.exe
3) click on the "Select DAZIPs" button
4) navigate to the folder where you saved the garahel_set.dazip file, select it and click "Open"
5) select the garahel_set.dazip file from the list and click "Install selected".

In-game acquisition:
The armor pieces and weapons are available for purchase from Bodahn Feddic at the party camp. Unfortunately I couldn't lower the price, since it is determined automatically based on the armor material and type (as far as I know), but you can always use the money cheat to get enough money to buy this armor and weapon set. :)

Design notes:

I felt that it was a shame the model used for the Templar armor didn't have other variations, so I decided to make a separate armor of my own that would use that model, be powerful enough and look cool enough for my Warden to wear. As I prefer playing the Dalish Elf origin, I decided that the armor and swords should have a mixture of Grey Warden and Dalish markings, so Garahel came to mind as the only Warden with enough background in the game's codex. The result proved very satisfying as it suits both good and evil characters.


While I can't guarantee this mod will work perfectly with any other mod out there, I can say that it works with the following mods:
- Orator Vestments by cgramnaes
- Armor of the Devout by cgramnaes
- Elven boots fix

The mod has also been tested to correctly import from an existing character save into a new game of Awakening, Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt.

Tutorials used: