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Dusttown Leaque Contraband

Bodhan may have left Orzammar, but he still maintains his
old contacts. Just recently he recieved a shipment of new merchandise.

This mod adds replicas of 12 of Bioware's free promotional items to Bodahn's shop. Those items are newly created items using the same stats and icons as Bioware's items, but different names and descriptions.

Each of the items will only appear when its official pendant isn't already installed. So if, for example, you chose to start the game with the Dalish Promise Ring, then Bodahn will not sell the Antivan Engagement Band.

There are two reasons for this mod:
  1. I felt it was too unbalancing to get the items for free right at the start of the game.
  2. Some of us would have liked another pre order item, and are out of luck. The promo-giveaways can be pilfered from Bioware's servers (which is already not a nice way) but some of them need authentication, and even if you had no qualms about using Warez, it's unlikely that someone will bother to crack a promo-giveaway.

List of new items and their Bioware-pendants

  • Gryphon's Claw - Feral Wolf Charm
  • Pendant of the Bar Sage - Amulet of the War Mage
  • Sentry's Badge - Mark of Vigilance

  • Footpad's Sash - Guildmaster's Belt
  • Mibre's Garter Girdle - Embri's Many Pockets

  • Antivan Engagement Band - Dalish Promise Ring
  • Apprentice's Heatsink - Band of Fire
  • Jinxter's Fortune - The Lucky Stone
  • The Hitman's Vow - The Wicked Oath

  • Casque of the Heights - Helm of the Deep
  • Paws of the Cougar - Lion's Paw
  • Clayton's Dirk - The Edge

  • Lyrium Band - Memory Band


The items will be added to Bodahn's shop the second time you enter the camp after Lothering.


v 1.1 - 01.December.2009
  • Bodahn will get the items automatically when you talk to him; no need to buy or sell something first.
  • Adds Lyrium Band and vanilla Formari Tome to Bodahn's shop when the Memory Band DLC is not installed.
  • Fix: Hitman's Vow had +0.5 AP instead of +1.0
  • Jinxter's Luck: Typo
  • Reduced price of rings, belts and amulets by 1 gold.

v 1.2 - 14.December.2009
  • Changed script so that items are always added, even when Bodahn updates his inventory.
  • Increased price of Clayton's Dirk.

v 1.3 - 21.December.2009
  • Fixed modified script from 1.2 (Added items again once they were bought...)
  • Lyrium Band and Formari tome are only added once now, and will be lost when the store updates!

v 1.4 - 01.January.2010
  • Revised script again. Items are only added once. No way to cheat yourself a copy.
  • Material of Casque of the Heights and Paws of the Cougar is now level-scaling

Updates are compatible with savegames stored with previous versions. Just reinstall the Addin.