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Awakening Plus v. 1.2

This addin is for people who REALLY CARE about Dragon Age: Awakening. This is basically a big compilation of various changes, bug fixes and tweaks to the game I've made in order to make Awakening more enjoyable. Please first skim the following wall of text, to get an idea if this mod is for you.

Note this addin is modular, so you can pick and choose which changes you want to incorporate.

Please comment. Thanks ^_^

Changes to 1.2:

  1. Fixed the infamous attack timing bug that resets attack speed after a certain point. E.g., now you can stack Haste and Momentum just fine (although it is capped as it's supposed to be at 0.5). (rules_core)
  2. Added Grandmaster runes to Herren's shop. This is just a fix to make crafting paragon runes less of a PitA (makes crafting easier)
  3. Changed blood control to be slightly less annoying. Unmodified, combat will end and you will have to wait ~20 seconds for the target to become hostile again before you go back into combat and kill it. Instead, if combat is over, the target will automatically die when the effect runs out. Also, to prevent abuse, the effect can only be applied to white-rank (e.g. normal rank) or lower. (rules_core)
  4. Changed enemy spell casting to make it harder to interrupt, so you can't shutdown mages by just auto-attacking. You need about 200-250 damage to interrupt white and yellow rank. Incidentally, this change makes big damage (2H, backstabs) and stun/knockdown abilities much more useful. (rules_core)
  5. (Nightmare Only) Reduced crowd control (CC) effect duration about 25% across the board, including for players. Hopefully - cuts down on overpowered mage CC, and makes for more active gameplay rather than sitting on your ass doing nothing-play.
  6. Added the option to change the out-of-combat movement speed modifier. Before, if you used this option and stacked it with haste, you just run into walls all day long. Now you can change it to suit your preference by adding to DragonAge.ini located in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings as usual:
  7. [AwakeningPlus]

    Personally, I find a modifier of 0.6 to be ideal. (Haste adds 0.3, Blood Thirst adds 0.2, plan accordingly).
  8. Bug fix curse of mortality duration calculation in 1.0
  9. Bug fix spell resistance calculations in 1.0

Awakening Plus v. 1.0

Also, included at the bottom is a list of external mods which I also use.

Potion and Consumable System:

There are two options available:

1) Default: Inspired by Bibdy's mod (http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=320), "Shared Potion Cooldown." Potions of the same type (Stamina, Health and Mana) have a shared cooldown of 60 seconds. Extended to work with potions introduced in Awakening.

2) Disable ALL Consumables. This is my personal preference and the difficulty module is balanced for such a change. (See optionals list for info).

Bugs and Quality of Life Fixes

-No sustainables disable out of combat. Sustainables are sustainables, damnit!
-Fast Exploration Movement. Cuts down on tedium of walking; now you move as fast as double haste when running around town (but NOT for combat). (Needs to be enabled through settings, see below).
-Item set bug fix, updates automatically on party members.
-Includes Power of Blood/Two Weapon Fighting bug fix.
-Power of Blood fixes, see below.

-Allows pet to transition through areas.

-Enables Lockpicking cheat for all classes: all classes can unlock chests/doors. Not enabled by default. Needs to be turned on, see below.

-Stealing and Dog Fixes. Thanks to Nukenin for this script!
(Link back to the original mod: http://social.bioware.com/project/2383/)

-Haste bug fix.

-Arrow of Slaying correct damage Fix

-Floaty Text for Items Received.

-VFX remover for certain spells/talents. Includes several Awakening abilities as well. (No more annoying burst sounds for Air of Insolence). See Appendix A for list of changes.

Power of Blood fixes:
-No longer take damage from two weapon expert and Tainted Blade or Blood Thirst.
-No longer take damage out of combat (no more annoying head bob!)
----Also changes Aura of Pain similarly (no longer take damage out of combat).

Note, you need to download an additional mod to get Warden's Keep content to work with Awakening. See "links" section below.

To enable Fast exploration move and lockpick cheating, add these lines to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings\DragonAge.ini


Balance Tweaks:

Summary: there are way to many opportunities to be completely immune to significant portions of the entire game. This includes the ability to stack displacement (immune to attacks), defense (immune to attacks) and spell resistance (immune to spells). The following changes address these issues and make the game more balanced overall.

-BIG changes to spell mechanics:
---1) Spell Resistance is capped at 85%
---2) No longer resists single target spells, cone and instant AoE (although resists DTAoE).
---3) Duration of various spells are modified by SR/2%. This is to make sure SR remains a useful property.
---4) Change to resistance checks with regards to spells.
------Resistance checks are now used to modify duration on relevant spells.
------Uncapped Physical and Mental Resistances to 500 (was 150 before).

See appendix B for more info and a list of spells affected.

Changes to defense and displacement
---1) Displacement has diminishing returns after 20%.
---2) Defense also has diminishing returns after 100.

Difficulty Tweak:

This is a small balance mod that changes various aspects of Awakening to make the game more difficult. To install the mod, unzip into the override folder. To uninstall, just delete the folder.

Note: to make sure the changes take, you may need to start a new game.

BE WARNED! This mod makes the game VERY difficult! (Or at least it is supposed to, but it is probably still too easy at the moment.)

List of changes:

1) Enemy damage increased 250% across the board.
2) Enemy HP increased 500% across the board. Bosses increased 1000%.

Nightmare Mode specific changes:

1) Trap damage 500%. Traps are now DANGEROUS.
2) Elemental DR: about ~25%. Decreases elemental damage to enemies. Hopefully, this will tone down mages a bit.
3) Enemies now use spells/talents more often.


Because many of the bug fixes and tweaks require changes to core events, this mod isn't going to be very compatible with a lot of things. I may work to change this in the future using Event Manager.

This mod IS compatible with Advanced Tactics 3.0 (and bug fix), but NOT Advanced Tactics 2.92.

Optional Files:

The optional ZIP file includes:

1)Stealing Cheat
---Fast Stealing. (Zero cooldown, RANGED stealing (e.g., you don't have to be right next to your target)
---Always succeed stealing: in Awakening, even with maxed out Stealing Ranks, unless you pump up Cunning considerably, you will fail even on lowly beggers (lol).
2) Consumable disable: disable ALL consumables (potions, salves, poisons, etc.) This is personally the way I play, anyway.
3) My kawaii Alistair head morph ^_^

To install, move the relevant folder into your override.

Future Changes:

-Chain Lightning - improve damage
-Use Anakin55's Event Manager to improve compatability (if anyone cares)
-Use DAO Mod Manager for easy installation

Additional Links to Bug Fixes and other Useful Mods:

DLC transfer to Awakening - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=883
---(Important Note: This mod is REQUIRED to use Power of Blood abilities in Awakening as of patch 1.03)

Vigilance Graphics Fix - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=958

Awakening Rune Fix - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1020

white teeth mod - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=44

Equal Love (for Origins) - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=429

Advanced Tactics 3.0 - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=181 <- THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST MOD EVER>
Advanced Tactics 3.0 required bug fix - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=852
---(Do NOT use this mod with 2.92, as it is not compatible).

Links to my other mods:
Anyone can Marry Alistair - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=781
Ostagar Mage Chest Key - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=728
All Awakening Items - http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=906

Appendix A:
VFX Removal Changes

In Awakening:
Removed Spirit Warrior Sustain VFX
Removed Air of Insolence VFX and Sound
Removed Weak Points VFX

In Origins:

-Removed Combat Magic transparency. Note this change is located in another script. If anyone cares, I can make this a stand-alone option. Leave a message :)

The following changes for Origins is not my own (it was part of a mod I downloaded a long time ago, and I don't remember the name.) If you'd like to claim credit, please PM me. Thanks.

Removed Weapons Effects and Poisons

The following list of crust effects were removed from abilities.
-Bard - Bardic Song - Cry of Valor - Impact Crust - Mana and Stamina Regen
-Bard - Bardic Song - Demoralize - Looping Crust - Critical Chance, Attack and Damage
-Berserker - Berserker's Rage - Berserk - Looping Crust - Berserking
-Champion - Champion's Strength - Rally - Looping Crust - Defense Bonus
-Duelist - Duelist's Art - Dueling - Looping Crust - Attack Bonus
-Reaver - Path of Pain - Pain - Duration AoE - Looping Crust - Aura of Psychic Pain
-Reaver - Path of Pain - Pain - Looping Crust - Psychic Damage
-Reaver - Path of Pain - Blood Frenzy - Looping Crust - Blood Frenzy
-Dual Weapon - Momentum - Momentum - Looping Crust - Faster
-Two-Handed - Power Strikes - Powerful Swings - Impact Crust - Talent Activation
-Two-Handed - Overpower - Indomitable - Looping Crust - Cannot be Knocked Down
-Threaten - Looping Crust - More Threatening
-Arcane Warrior - Combat Magic - Combat Magic - Looping Crust - Mana Increases Strength
-Arcane Warrior - Combat Magic - Shimmering Shield - Looping Crust - Ultimate Magic Barrier
-Arcane Warrior - Combat Magic - Fade Shroud - Looping Crust - Phased Out of Reality
-Blood Mage - Blood Magic - Blood Magic - Looping Crust - Health Used As Mana
-Champion - Champion's Strength - Rally - Duration AoE - Defense Bonus
-Spirithealer - Advanced Healing - Cleansing Aura - Duration AoE - Aura of Healing
-Entropy - Entropic Mortality - Death Magic - Duration AoE - Drawing in Death Energy
-Entropy - Chains of Entropy - Miasma - Duration AoE - Radiating Weakness
-Spirit - Soul Warding - Spell Shield - Looping Crust - Minor Magical Barrier
-Spirit - Mana Drain - Spell Might - Looping Crust - Trading Mana for Spellpower
-Spirit - Necromancy - Death Syphon - Duration AoE - Drawing in Mana from Death
-Creation - Heroism - Haste - Looping Crust - Faster
-Primal - Path of Stone - Rock Armor - Looping Crust - Greyish Skin
-Mage - Arcane Shield - Looping Crust - Defense

Appendix B:

Spells that are no longer completely resisted by Spell Resistance include:

Chain lightning
Drain life
Drain mana

All single targets
All AoE instants
All cones

Certain spell effects can no longer be outright resisted by physical or mental resistance. Rather, their duration is modified by:

[(Resistance - Attribute)/500] %, approximately.

These spells include:

Blood control
Mass paralysis

Spells with SR/2% modified duration.
Curse of mortality
walking bomb
virulent walking bomb
crushing prison