Russian localization fix
Fix some text errors in the russian localization
GRAPHIC mod by vito740
Modification replaces nearly 500 textures that have obtained better quality now.
And add SweetFx for game:)
Sexy Male and Female Armor by Mr Esturk
A set of mod files that add more revealing armor designs for both the male and female players. (Fixed for 1.0.72 and newer)
GRAPHIC mod for everything that lives in the game by vito740
The modification improves the texture of ALL creatures in the game ...
Custom portraits for your characters
Crafting Tweaks-Fixes-Extension
The Basic version includes fixes, tweaks, and the addition of some missing recipes. The Extended version does the same along with extending the existing system.
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  • added 2 months ago

    August holidays, Fileserver to CDN switchover and WYSIWYG editor for descrip...

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hello, and let me start by apologising for the lack of updates recently. August is typically our holiday month where most of us take at least a week or two off (or 4, in my case) to have our holidays, rest and recuperate away from the sites. I'll doubly apologise to those people who've sent in support tickets via the contact form. As I am the sole point of contact for support tickets if I'm not around they go unanswered, and a lot have gone unanswered this month (though I've tried to at least cover the Premium Members who are having issues with their payments). So, sorry about that. Service sh ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 3 months ago

    Downloading issues update

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Following on from an update on the downloading situation made at the start of the month I want to write a quick post to say we're still working on the CDN setup I touted in the original update.

    Many people are (wrongly) blaming the new download system we added to the site back in the middle of June, which worked fine up until the Steam sales made everything go a bit crazy. To enable us to fully discount this update as a factor for those of you who are getting slow downloads and downloading issues we've re-enabled the old file server selection download method which we'll likely keep up and runni ...(continue reading the full article)