• 9

    Begone Thot Death Screen
    Begone Thot Death Scre...
    by BrickThePlum
  • 4

    Dancing Kiwiboy loading screen icon
    Dancing Kiwiboy loadin...
    by massivive
  • 21

    DaS_GG arcade style leveling mod
    DaS_GG arcade style le...
    by bqm11
  • 86

    Berserk Souls
    Berserk Souls
    by AbjectSama
  • 8

    Quality Sound Mods for Dark Souls
    Quality Sound Mods for...
    by Eltrip
  • 25

    Pepsiman Intro
    Pepsiman Intro
    by dylancarr2
  • 33

    Crestfallen updated (chain set and gear)
    Crestfallen updated (c...
    by Fornal11
  • 45

    FIST POWER - Fist Damage Scaling
    FIST POWER - Fist Dama...
    by Dragonyck
  • 68

    Bronze Paladin Armour and Weapons
    Bronze Paladin Armour ...
    by almcfly
  • 53

    Sax Souls and other instruments
    Sax Souls and other in...
    by AbjectSama
  • 12

    Dark souls replace loading bonfire
    Dark souls replace loa...
    by klight11
  • 133

    BetterChaos Mod
    BetterChaos Mod
    by coely329
  • 87

    Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner
    by AbjectSama
  • 57

    Rick Souls
    Rick Souls
    by AbjectSama
  • 224

    by AbjectSama
  • 13

    Boris the Animal Anor Londo Painting
    Boris the Animal Anor ...
    by giezen
  • 714

    Bloody Gore Boss Deaths
    Bloody Gore Boss Death...
    by BonusJZ
  • 105

    Elite Knight Armour Gold Burned Red
    Elite Knight Armour Go...
    by Kanista17
  • 0

    by Maro2107
  • 62

    Black Iron Armour No Skirt
    Black Iron Armour No S...
    by diolator
  • 163

    Shovel Souls - Shovel and Armors
    Shovel Souls - Shovel ...
    by AbjectSama
  • 34

    Chocolate Cake Dark Souls Credits
    Chocolate Cake Dark So...
    by dylancarr2
  • 29

    Berenike Mace model
    Berenike Mace model
    by RavagerChris37
  • 33

    Templar Cross Crest Shield
    Templar Cross Crest Sh...
    by RayAfgrond
  • 22

    Dark Souls Original Soundtrack Main Menu
    Dark Souls Original So...
    by Maro2107
  • 131

    h3h3 Productions Ethan Painting in Anor Londo
    h3h3 Productions Ethan...
    by Dragonyck
  • 2,506

    DS1 Optimization Project
    DS1 Optimization Proje...
    by diolator
  • 1,437

    Dark Souls Input Customizer
    Dark Souls Input Custo...
    by Methanhydrat
  • 79

    Dark Souls Prepare to Custom Boss Music Overhaul
    Dark Souls Prepare to ...
    by haloarbiter117
  • 132

    Penetrator from Saints Row The Third
    Penetrator from Saints...
    by AbjectSama
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