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Portable version is now only version. Due to a lot of troubles with the "main" version I decided it's easier to cut support for it (figuratively speaking, I just won't work on it anymore. All updates from now (if any) are only for portable version.) This makes me both happy and sad. Sad because no more automatic updates and happy because I was planning on phasing it out at some point anyway.

What does this mean for you?
If you're new then you download portable version.
If you're not new then you download portable version for updates.

New: It has a DLL now. That means little.
For devs: Please don't use it. The source is terrible and should be optimized/rewritten.

This has reached 5k+ downloads. So a thanks goes out to everyone who told their friends and spread this around.
Edit: 10k now. That's neat. I hope it's been of use to you guys.

General info:
Allows you to edit the DSfix.ini and the keybindings file that comes with DSFix.
It also lets you save "application settings" which will let you load your custom settings even after an update. This is done by clicking "Load application settings".

I will try to update this as soon as possible on each new release of DSfix if an update is needed. And if you have any feature request PM it to me.

(Portable/Only version)
Here's how to make it run:

Step 1:
Step 2:
Run it
Step 3:
Start editing!

Also, pressing "load application settings" before you actually save anything will make it crash.

Press "Save Application Settings" to save settings for you to load on a later date.

If you find any bugs, or it crashes, for any reason. Tell me. I can't fix something I don't know about. (There's a "Contact uploader" button right below the images and latest version etc.)

You can follow me on twitter and yell at me for being late with updates: @Morten242