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Added: 04/11/2016 - 05:05AM
Updated: 10/06/2017 - 02:42AM

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Last updated at 2:42, 10 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 5:05, 4 Nov 2016

This adds a restart button that restarts the game using the same settings, but new random seeds. You can restart after any number of turns, but not after loading a saved game.
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  1. Download zip file
  2. Unzip in the root of the game directory (on Windows, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI)
  3. Overwrite all
A word on why this can't be a modular modification. As things are right now, script files contained in mod packages will not be loaded until a game is started (as in a getting past the Sean Bean loading  screen). This means any scripts that execute on the Main Menu won't run until you first start a game and then exit, and that defeats the point of this mod.

Version 1.0.9
  • Compatible with game build (260180)

Version 1.0.8
  • Compatible with game build (253607)

Version 1.0.7
  • Compatible with game build (241523)

Version 1.0.6
  • Fixed a bug with non-Ancient starts

Version 1.0.5
  • Remembers the correct number of leaders, if changed from the default

Version 1.0.4
  • Compatible with game build (235603)

Version 1.0.3
  • Random leaders no longer named "Random Leader"
  • Restart no longer stalls during the first restart

Version 1.0.2:
  • Preserves the "no barbarian setting"
  • City States no longer spawn infinitely
  • This modification is now modular, install into the DLC directory (thanks /u/parkerpyne)
  • Random leaders should stay random