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Now updated to version 2.0!

Gibbed Borderlands 2 Savegame Editor r230
Modding Borderlands 2 is mostly about savegame editing. And with this powerful tool you can achieve nearly everything. Alter your stats, items (or even create new ones), game progress, etc. pp.
Gibbed did a great job by creating this wonderful all-around tool. Go ahead and experiment with it. I've added some tutorials on how to handle it
Borderlands 2 Third Person Mod
Borderlands 2 Third person mod
Borderlands 2 All Level 72 Character Game Saves
Borderlands 2 All Level 72 Character Game Saves
Borderlands 2 Game Mules
These 3 game save are mules 1 with all the UHV1 and 2 pearl weapons and items, 1 with all the orange items, and one with all the e-tech items and all of them at level 72.
Krieg Savegame and Profile - Level 72 - perfect gear - low shield recharge rate
This Krieg savegame contains a level 72 character which unlocked UVHM and owns perfect gear. There is also a profile (Badass Rank) for low shield recharge rate.
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