Nomad Zero Pop
This mod allows nomads even when a population is at 0.
Cooper's Terrain Mod V2
Adds a bunch of different terrain to the game.
Roboto (font replacement)
This mod changes the default font without changing anything else.
The used font is Roboto, the new Android default font.
Alternative Cursor
Replaces the vanilla Windows cursor that is used for Banished.
Comic Relief (font replacement)
This mod changes the default font to **Comic Relief** without changing anything else.
Debug Menu
Enables the game's debug menu.
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  • added 4 weeks ago

    August holidays, Fileserver to CDN switchover and WYSIWYG editor for descrip...

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hello, and let me start by apologising for the lack of updates recently. August is typically our holiday month where most of us take at least a week or two off (or 4, in my case) to have our holidays, rest and recuperate away from the sites. I'll doubly apologise to those people who've sent in support tickets via the contact form. As I am the sole point of contact for support tickets if I'm not around they go unanswered, and a lot have gone unanswered this month (though I've tried to at least cover the Premium Members who are having issues with their payments). So, sorry about that. Service sh ...(continue reading the full article)